Performing Arts Update

Apr 3rd 2020

A Reflection on Term 1


There is nothing wrong with small change. Not everything needs to be big and grand to be considered brilliant. Small change, as they say, adds up. Sometimes, however, the world can seem a bit overwhelming. The start of this year saw people trying to grasp the huge run-on effects of an international pandemic. Schools, businesses and individuals were just trying to get their head around how best to deal with these major events.

However, while all that is happening in the world, the little things are adding up. While governments put action plans in place, students are facing new challenges each day. A young child is learning how to play with the bow for the first time. A budding actor took to the stage and conquered their stage fright. Or simply, a group of people stopped for long enough to listen to beautiful music in the next room, and took a moment to smile.

As a Performing Arts Department we are consistently looking forward and organising the next major event. But what about the little things? Well they have happened too. Some students have attended their first ever ensemble rehearsal and realised how tricky it is to follow your part when everyone around you is playing something different. They have felt overwhelmed, even scared. But they have breathed in, maybe asked the person next to them for help, concentrated that little bit harder and have conquered that original feeling. They have built resilience and character. And after weeks have passed, their coping strategies have improved bit by bit.

As teachers, we are privileged to witness this growth step by step and day by day.  So, as students head off on their Easter Holidays we would like to thank you for your commitment and dedication to your child’s music education. Without this, these students would not be conquering the little things, to make the big things possible.

This week your Instrumental Music Staff have been working tirelessly to ensure that no matter what schooling will look like for next term, we will continue to deliver instrumental music to your child. We have had an extremely eye-opening week looking at online teaching platforms, music programs and apps that will help your child to continue to grow as a musician. So, no matter what happens, we look forward to seeing you next term.



Term 2 Planning

If St Luke’s Anglican School is required to move to an online learning platform our Remote Learning Plan will come into effect.

Please click here for details. 

Junior Music Camp (a)

Junior Music Camp (b)

Theatre Restaurant Rehearsal (a)

Theatre Restaurant Rehearsal (b)


Miss Sarah Ferguson

Director of Co-curricular (Cultural)


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