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Aug 2nd 2019

Year 10 SET PLANS - 1 August 2019

The SET Plan is a confidential document that students develop in consultation with their parents/carers and the school or learning provider. A Senior Education and Training (SET) Plan is designed to map your student's individual learning pathways through the Senior Phase of Learning.

Your SET plan helps you:

  • structure your learning around your abilities, interests and ambitions
  • think about your education, training and career options after Year 12
  • set and achieve your learning goals in Years 11 and 12, and beyond
  • include flexible and coordinated pathway options in your course of senior study
  • communicate with your parents/carers or teachers about your post-school plans.

It is recommended that you review your SET Plan regularly to make sure your subjects and learning are right for you, and that you can maintain a pathway to the courses and career you want after Year 12.

St Luke’s will conduct our Set Plans on Thursday 1 August between 8.40 am and 11.40 am on campus. It has been advised all students have completed their ‘My Path’ Profile before their interview. The interviews will be 20 mins in duration.


Thank you to our 8 hard working teachers assisting in this important process!!


An investment in knowledge pays the best interest….. ...




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