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Mar 5th 2020


CQU SUN Student - Elizabeth Kitson-Crowe

Congratulations to Elizabeth Kitson-Crowe, our Year 11 student, who has recently completed her first subject at Central Queensland University (CQU) in the Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology.

Elizabeth has been able to balance the demands of Year 11, Duke of Ed, a university subject and a thriving social life.

If any students are interested in tackling a subject at university level, or simply have questions, please see Elizabeth or myself for pathway options and opportunities.

Congratulations on this achievement and best wishes for 2020. Well done.

CQU St Lukes Student




School Based Apprentice - Paris Hodge

A huge thanks to ‘The Place’ Hairdressers who’ve recently welcomed Paris onboard as a School Based Apprentice.

Paris attends the Salon every Thursday and Saturday where she is involved in shampooing, conditioning, eyebrow tinting and general maintenance.

From all reports, Paris thoroughly enjoys her new environment and is revelling in liaising with like minded employees.

Well done Paris.




Apprentice shortages in Australia 2020

The national skills need list for apprenticeships identifies traditional trades that don't have enough skilled workers to meet demand.

A wide range of occupations are listed, including:

  • aircraft maintenance engineers
  • bakers
  • bricklayers
  • electricians
  • joiners
  • optical mechanics
  • telecommunications technicians.

One of the biggest myths in Australia right now is that a TAFE qualification isn’t as valuable as a University degree in terms of future employment. Not only is this completely undeserving, but it’s also untrue. A combination of poor media attention, stigma and a lack of encouragement in schools have let the VET sector’s reputation slide. There’s plenty of incorrect opinions that mar the TAFE name and if you’re one of the many that still are unsure of the benefits of going to TAFE, here are some facts that might help you out.


Mr Kane Kersnovske

Director of Academic Welfare & Careers

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