Careers Update

Feb 22nd 2019

2019 VET and SUN Students


A very warm welcome to all our VET students in 2019. The courses our students are tackling include; Electrotechnology, Automotive, Business, Fitness, Distance Education (IPT and Languages), Sport & Recreation and Aviation.


With now over 30 senior students exploring these great opportunities, the St Luke’s Anglican School community wish you well in your vocational and higher level qualifications.


Our students have the option of completing online courses or attending Bundaberg TAFE, one day a week, as part of their studies. If you’re interested in exploring pathways from an external provider, please come and see me for an informal discussion.



Remember our Careers Corner Website (access code - STLU2019) for all things careers!! Valuable QCE points can be gained and this can certainly contribute to a healthy ATAR. 

In Australia, 78% of VET graduates are employed soon after training. In fact, that figure is higher than university graduates.

For VET graduates that have completed an apprenticeship, that jumps to 92%. In fact, wherever we look, VET graduates do really, really well. Going through VET gives you that industry experience needed by employers, so when you’re finished your qualification you have also applied your understanding and skills in real life.

Please don’t underestimate the value of work experience. This is non-negotiable for Year 10 and Year 11 students this year. Well done to the proactive students who have organized their work experience already!


All the best, team!


Kersnovske, KaneMr Kane Kersnovske
Director of Academic Welfare and Careers
St Luke's Anglican School






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