Early Learning Centre Update

Nov 1st 2019

Building real-life construction sites


The children were very surprised when they arrived at the ELC this week to find their outdoor environment included actual construction and building site props and signs. Using large road signs, safety site cones, barrier poles etc, the children busily set to work to create life-like building sites and roadworks areas. Throughout the week the children collaborated and discussed how they would set up barriers, who would be responsible for holding building signs to direct the flow of traffic of pedestrians and moving ‘vehicles’ on the bike track. Check out the photo booth below. Various teams of ‘builders’ worked on their latest building projects all week. We hope to further extend this area with additional building props. If parents have any building/construction items to donate, we would be very appreciative, and of course the children too.


To continue their enthusiasm in construction, throughout the day children worked together and used their decision making skills to undertake a ‘big job’ to construct an extension onto the current cubby house. Each child was assigned different roles from steadying the measuring poles, setting up safety perimeters and dealing with complaints from passing ‘motorists’. 


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When children are given the opportunity to independently construct and create various structures, they develop important life skills. They work together through the process, make decisions, learn through trial and error, and persist until they have created something meaningful.


Mrs Catherine Donaldson

Director of Early Learning Centre

St Luke's Anglican School

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