Early Learning Centre Update

Nov 29th 2019


Shared experiences with the whole school community

Kindy and Pre-Preppies had the opportunity to have a variety of teachers from the school to come along and share experiences with the children. The children were treated to a musical surprise when the school’s Music teachers and school students brought their string instruments to the ELC and performed a variety of Christmas carols to sing along to. The children really enjoyed Ms Lassman’s visit, Head of Primary, read the very funny story “Aliens Love Underpants”. Mrs Griffin, the school’s Youth Minister, and her monkey puppet Cedric, joined us to share an interactive Nativity Christmas story. Children took on roles as the three wise men, shepherds and angels. By participating in valuable experiences such as these help strengthen the children’s connections and relationships with the wider school community.


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A fun outdoor experience this week was our ‘Wet Play’ activity. Children eagerly arrived ready in their sun-smart swimwear to explore a variety of water experiences. Friends splashed about in tubs of water and had fun with small water squirters chasing and wetting their teachers. They explored sensory ice play and water themes in water trays. As we are a centre that is very conscious of sustainability we were carefully to conserve water whilst children had water play experiences.

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“Where’s that Cheeky Elf?”

The cheeky Christmas Elf has been making a daily appearance throughout the classrooms in the ELC. He is quite the mischievous little Elf that likes to keep the children and teachers guessing what his next move will be. So far Elf has been climbing the walls, hiding in the Christmas tree, sneaking into the locker room and just recently, making a bit of mess while painting a self-portrait with red paint.


Children had the opportunity to hang Christmas decorations on trees, plants, and furniture and their creative flair were admired by teachers and families!


As the end of school year is upon us, we would like to extend a warm thanks to our wonderful families for allowing us to be a part of your child’s learning journey.


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Mrs Catherine Donaldson

Director of Early Learning Centre





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