Early Learning Centre Update

Mar 18th 2020

Friendships, Laughter and Sunshine


The ELC has been filled with laughter and fun as the children enjoy extended outside play in the cooler weather and warm sunshine. Friends bonded as they designed lots of cubbies with wood, waffle blocks and blankets. Ball games were a favorite with both boys and girls with lots of participation, including basketball, soccer and parachute games continue to be very popular. It’s delightful to see children build self confidence through initiating conversations and ideas to social group play and interacting positively with each other.


With the help of Pre-Preppies, Kindy children were very creative using natural resources gathered from our garden to create baby owls made from pine cones and grass, buzzing bees with sticks and leaves and picture collage with small pebbles.


In the sandpit, friends took on different job roles to dig trenches, craft a river, make a swimming pool and build mountains. On the grass the children demonstrated coordination and controlled body movement as they participated in a ‘Balance Challenge’. An obstacle was set up with balancing blocks, a long narrow beam and a wobble board. Friends cheered each other on and gave shouts of encouragement as they skillfully navigated their way along the tricky course.


Pre-Prep A have been investigating Lenses, after using binoculars to play with yesterday. As a group they discussed how the binoculars have a lens which makes things appear bigger/closer. We explored other things that have lenses to help us to see close up, such as telescopes, microscopes, glasses, magnifying glasses, cameras, and even our own eyeball!


Following the children's interest, Pre-Prep B were engaged in small world experiences. Many Pre-Preppies had been talking about going to swimming lessons and the beach. Mrs Wright extended this by creating a magical small world beach for the children to explore and read the story Magic Beach by Alison Lester, much to the children’s excitement. 

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Stay safe and have a good weekend with your family.


Mrs Catherine Donaldson

Director of Early Learning Centre


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