ELC Update

Mar 5th 2020

ELC highly rated as an Inclusive Environment


The ELC Team is very pleased to share with families and the school community that we have received “Our Service Values Inclusion” confirmation. This identifies the ELC as a team that values diversity and recognises inclusion as a right for all children. It also shows we are actively engaged in ongoing reflective practice with Inclusion and have a ‘in progress’ Strategic Inclusion Plan linked to our centre’s Quality Improvement Plan.


In Kindy this week friends have been role playing ‘Shops’. Children organised their roles in their imaginative play, with some being the cashier, customers and pets shopping for yummy delights to take on a picnic down at the park. Role playing supports a child’s social development as they learn how to understand and respect their peers by taking turns and actively listening to each other's ideas. (See Photo Booth)


As a large group the Pre-Prep A children have been looking at Story Building. They created characters, which involved one very sleepy cat who wasn’t happy about being woken by a playful Bear with a ball and a funny Goat. They collaborated to give the story a beginning, middle and end. Story Building contributes to many early literacy skills, such as sequencing, imaginative expression, articulating ideas with words, providing descriptions, and understanding the purposes and joys of storytelling.


During outdoor playtime, Pre-Prep B took on a challenging obstacle course that involved them using balancing and jumping skills, muscular strength, and spatial awareness. Inside the children engaged in number recognition and one to one correspondence experiences as teachers extended their knowledge with number puzzles and created a number caterpillar. Children also explored the lifecycle of a butterfly and extended their interest in insects with a creative experience where the children used natural resources to create various insects.


Also, an early reminder of the school’s upcoming ELC and Prep Come and Play Information Morning on Saturday 28 March, 9:00am - 11:00am. Parents are invited to meet our dedicated educators, ask questions and observe our play-based learning environments. Our Prep classrooms are also open on this day. 

Please register your interest: https://www.stlukes.qld.edu.au/enrolments/tours-at-st-lukes

ELC PREP Come and Play Day Open Day


Mrs Catherine Donaldson

Director of Early Learning Centre


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