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Oct 18th 2019

Travels on the ‘big’ school bus in the local community.


This week our Pre-Preppies had an exciting time travelling on the big school bus on an excursion to Mon Repos Conservation Centre. Pre-Preppies had the opportunity to engage in educational discussions with the local Ranger, discover interesting facts about the Loggerhead Turtle, view nestings and turtle hatchlings. For the past week both Pre-Prep classes have been exploring turtles through creative experiences where the children crafted cardboard turtles and engaged in group discussions. Pre-Preppies actively collaborated to identify ways to help keep turtles & hatchlings safe on our beaches and in the ocean.


Music and Movement with Mrs Jones, the school’s music teacher, is always an enjoyable experience for the Kindy and Pre-Preppies. They engaged in musical games and songs, that are not only fun, but also support the development of spatial awareness and sensory skills.


In the outdoor environment Pre-Preppies experimented in creating sand art drawings and pictures. To further extend on their interest, a light box was set up with sand for them to explore using light and sand.


The Kindy’s have been busy catching up with their friends and sharing exciting stories from their family holidays. These beautiful bonds are helpful in developing social and emotional skills, increases the child’s sense of belonging and understanding of their local environment.


Following on from the children’s input and feedback about their interest in the life cycle of insects and animals, Kindy’s have been investigating the life cycle of a chicken. As a group they watched a live hatching video, created a Life Cycle of a Chicken artwork and discussed the sounds baby chickens make before they eat. It’s wonderful to see our Kindy’s curious about animals and little inquiring minds eager to learn together.


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Mrs Catherine Donaldson

Director of Early Learning Centre


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