Flexischools Online Ordering & Cashless Card Payments

Mar 14th 2018

St Luke’s is constantly on the lookout for new ways to make your interactions with our school more convenient. That’s why we’ve engaged with Flexischools, Australia’s leading school payment system, to provide a new cashless way for you to pay for school services.

Flexischools cashless card system is now available to Middle and Senior students to make purchases in store at the uniform shop or tuckshop.

We are also excited to announce online ordering at the uniform shop through Flexischools for parents of all students Kindy through to

Year 12.


Step 1: Register

Go to flexischools.com.au from your computer or mobile device. Login or register for an account.

Step 2: Add student(s) to your account

Onced logged in to Flexischools, add student(s) to your account.

Step 3: For the cashless card 

Link your student's existing Student ID Card to your new Flexischools account.

Choose your child's name and select 'Setup Card Number' and follow the prompts to link your child's card.

We recommend not setting any daily limits on your account as any spending limit allocated applies across both the tuckshop and uniform shop services. For example: If you have a $15 limit and your child buys a pair of socks for $5.60 that will leave only $9.40 to spend at the Tuckshop.

Step 4: Top-up

Top-up your account using VISA, Mastercard, PayPal or by direct deposit. We recommend topping up your account by $20. We'll email you a reminder when your account is running low.

To ensure that your child always has funds available, we recommend setting an automatic top-up from your credit card. You choose what the trigger amount will be and also how much it will top-up by each time. For example: You can choose to set your account to automatically top-up by $20 whenever the balance is below $10. 

Step 5: Order and Pay

Order from the range of school services available in Flexischools, which currently includes the tuckshop, uniform shop, and occasional fundraisers and events.

For the cashless card: Students present their existing student card to pay for purchases using the topped up funds in your account. Log in online to review and monitor their spending. 

Step 6: Review or Edit

Your online order is now shown on the first screen along with your childs. You can view, change or cancel the orders at a later time, by logging in again.

You will receive an email confirmation or E-Ticket of your order.

For the cashless card: Login to your account to view your childs' purchases and\or update their daily spending limit.


Account Top-Up Fees - Direct Deposit $0.00

Credit card (visa/MasterCard) $0.15 + 1%

PayPal $0.15 + 1%


If you are already using Flexischools or would like to make an enquiry about the system over the phone, please call Flexischools Monday to Friday from 8am (EDST) on 1300 361 769 and follow the prompts.

Mrs Kirsten Williams

Director of Public Relations

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