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Jun 28th 2019

The Bundaberg Region's inaugural Mayor’s Telstra Innovation Awards


On Wednesday evening three teams from St Luke’s Anglican School participated in the final of the Mayor’s Telstra Innovation Awards. 


From 23 initial applications back in March, four teams came from St Luke's and three made it into the top 10 finalists. These finalists had four mentoring sessions with different businesses and organisations across Bundaberg (Bundaberg Brewed Drinks, Community Lifestyle Support, TAFE and CQU).


The top 10 teams had to set submit a 2nd round video entry, set up a 'booth' on Wednesday night and then give a 5 minute pitch to three judges followed by a Q&A about their product, all in front of a crowd of about 40 people. 


For the full article, visit Bundaberg Now:

The Bundaberg Regions inaugural Mayor’s Telstra Innovation Awards

Click here for the Bundaberg Now news report.


All of our teams represented themselves and the School well, and achieved some outstanding results.




Top 10 Finalist💡 Raksha - Tyler De Been, Aiman Rahman and Zain Aslam - placed outside the top three, but did very well with their product called 'U Drive'.





2nd 🏆KYOOR - Joshua Marinelli, Hein Kuyler, Logan Tinney and Hendré Kirchner (absent on the night) - placed 2nd with their product called 'Patch-a-Life'.




1st 🏆 Melior Terra - Nawshaba Ahmed, Tessa Bryden and Mercedes Thomas - took out first place with their product called 'CLEARN', winning themselves an all expenses paid trip to Sydney to meet with business mentors from Telstra and Foxtel.


The Year 8 STEM In/Excursion

Across Monday and Tuesday this week, Year 8 students participated in a range of activities focused on the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects. At CQUniveristy students tested the sugar content of several fruits, calculated the maximum loads of bridges, investigated the strength of different metals and had a Q&A session with University students in the aviation program. 


Back at St Luke’s, students coded drones, built and coded an Arduino Light Dance and battled their way through STEM Survivor. Students also had a tour of the research and development and quality assurance laboratories at Bundaberg Brewed Drinks.


The point of the in/excursion is to broaden student experiences in STEM, opening them up to the world of opportunities in this growing area. I hope they had a great time.


Learning Analytics - Continual Report

On Monday 1 July parents of Middle and Senior School students will receive semester reports. For parents wanting a more detailed breakdown on the results of each individual assessment, the Continual Report in Learning Analytics is an excellent source of information. Accessing the Continual Report not only gives parents a visual summary of how their child is progressing across all subjects (shown below), but they can also drill down on individual subjects. 

Accessing Learning Analytics will require parents to use the Parent Portal, available at

Information about the Parent Portal and instructions on how to use it are available on the School website at

Mr Matthew Hughes

Head of Learning & Innovation

St Luke's Anglican School

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