Recycle Spectacles

Jun 5th 2018

The Interact Club, as part of its International Service, is collecting unwanted or discarded spectacles for recycling in the Pacific Island countries. Many people in these countries, such as Papua New Guinea, The Solomon’s etc., do not have access to spectacles as we do. Therefore, if you have unwanted spectacles at home, please have your child bring these to school and place them in the collection box at the Main Office or in the box at the Primary Administration Office.

The Interact Club members believe that the spectacles recycling program offers a very real opportunity for those with vision impairment in countries where people are much less fortunate than ourselves. The spectacles recycling program is ongoing as the need is virtually unlimited. Please also consider collecting unused spectacles from your neighbours, extended family or friends, as the Interact Club would appreciate as many spectacles as possible.

Thank you very much for your assistance in helping Interact make a difference to the lives of those in need. Your discarded spectacles will help bring clearer vision to others.


Mr Neil Robinson

Interact Club

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