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Nov 14th 2019

Australian Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge Finals

On Thursday 31 October four students teams presented at the National Innovation Summit which serves as the finals of the Australian Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge.


As part of this day, teams set up a trade booth to promote their product or service and speak with members of the public, as well as judges. 

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KYOOR and Eco-Moo received very high praise for their trade fair booths and pitches, but unfortunately didn't make it to the final round Power Pitch.


Planet Pipeline and Melior Terra both made it to the Power Pitch round. Up against each other and four other teams Melior Terra came first, winning Best Innovation, with Planet Pipeline close behind. 


Parents are likely already aware that the major prize for Melior Terra is automatic finalist status for the American Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge, which is held at the Kennedy Space Centre, 21 - 24 April.

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A very big thank you goes to Mrs Jo Harris, who helped mentor the teams, and Mr Harry Roestenburg who gave up two days to drive the bus and help out.

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Student Teams:

KYOOR: Logan Tinney, Hein Kuyler, Hendré Kirchner and Joshua Marinelli

Eco-Moo: Phoebe Ellem, Taylah Kelk and Matilda Gourlay

Planet Pipeline: Murray Macpherson, Zain Aslam, Tyler De Been and Aiman Rahman

Melior Terra: Mercedes Thomas, Tessa Bryden and Nawshaba Ahmed

Click here for the full media release. 

Click here for the 7News Wide Bay story.

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NewsMail feature:

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Matthew Hughes

Head of Learning & Innovation



As we near Christmas we know parents sometimes purchase their students’ devices as presents in preparation for the new school year. 


St Luke’s Anglican School has a BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) program in which students from Year 7 and up are required to bring their devices from home to access the wireless network throughout the campus to assist in their learning.


The School’s extensive use of G Suite for Education and Canvas makes it necessary for students to bring a device to school each day.


The device that students bring must be capable of running a fully-featured version of Google Chrome with a keyboard. Examples of these are:-


  • Google Chromebook (recommended) available from Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Samsung, HP, Lenovo and Dell
  • MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or MacBook
  • Windows 10 laptop


Limitations exist within the Google Apps for Education environment on devices such as iPads, iPods, Androids (Samsung etc.), Windows RT and Windows 10S based tablets. So while the School understands the value that these devices can add to educational outcomes, we regard them as secondary devices. Students may bring these devices if they wish, and they will be supported by our ICT team, but it is important that students have a fully functional device such as those listed above.


To assist with future purchases we have a page on our website with the full technical guidelines and links to our purchasing portal and local stockists.



If you wish to seek further guidance or clarity on the device that you may be considering for your child(ren) then feel free to email the school IT Department helpdesk@stlukes.qld.edu.au or phone (07) 4132 7522.

Shane Hannant

Director of ICT



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