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Apr 5th 2019

The Mayor’s Telstra Innovation Awards

Recently a number of St Luke’s Anglican School students entered The Mayor's Telstra Innovation Awards. These students formed teams to brainstorm a product or innovative solution to a problem and pitched their product/innovation in a slideshow and one minute video.


The judges received a large number of high quality submissions from across the Bundaberg Region and could only choose 10 finalists to progress to Phase 2. Three teams from St Luke’s won a place in among the finalists.They are:


  • KYOOR, made up of Hein Kuyler, Hendré Kirchner and Joshua Marinelli
  • Raksha, made up of Aiman Rahman, Zain Aslam and Tyler De Been
  • Melior Terra, made up of Tessa Bryden, Nawshaba Ahmed and Mercedes Thomas


These three teams will now access mentoring sessions from business experts across Bundaberg in order to refine or improve their product/innovation while gaining valuable insights into business practices. Once the mentoring sessions are complete the teams will have a few weeks to prepare before taking part in the ‘Pitch Off’ at the Final Pitch and Presentation Evening.


We wish our teams all the best.


Learning Analytics - Continual Report

Next week parents of Middle and Senior School students will receive Interim Reports. These give a brief snapshot of how students are progressing in achievement, effort and behaviour. For parents wanting more detail about their child’s academic progress, the Continual Report in Learning Analytics is an excellent source of information. Accessing the Continual Report not only gives parents a visual summary of how their child is progressing across all subjects (shown below), but they can also drill down on individual subjects.






Please note that the Continual Report is only available once academic data has been entered for a student. In some year levels assessment results have already been entered, while in others students have only recently completed their assessment, and results will not be available in Learning Analytics until teachers have marked and moderated this assessment.


Accessing Learning Analytics will require parents to use the Parent Portal, available at our.stlukes.qld.edu.au.


Information about the Parent Portal and instructions on how to use it are available on the School website at www.stlukes.qld.edu.au/community/online-portals.


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Mr Matthew Hughes

Head of Learning & Innovation

St Luke's Anglican School


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