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Aug 15th 2019

Learning to Study Effectively

Continuing from my last newsletter article about effective approaches to study, this week I would like to look at two more study strategies; interleaving and elaboration. These strategies are promoted by the Learning Scientists, a group of cognitive scientists who focus on the science of learning, as being two of the most effective study practices. 


Interleaving - involves students deliberately switching from one idea, topic or concept to another within a single study session. The premise is that studying one idea for too long does not help the idea ‘sink in’ as much as it would if you switched to something else and came back to it later. The Learning Scientists also recommend that in your next study session you change the order in which you are studying topics and concepts in order to strengthen your understanding. Finally, attempting to make links between ideas is also important and practicing interleaving makes this possible.


Elaboration - is about explaining and describing ideas with as many details as possible. The Learning Scientists encourage students to ask themselves questions while they study about how things work and why, and then find the answers in their study materials. This works best when students engage in peer study and discussions about the questions they are creating for themselves. The theory is that while students are thinking about or discussing the details their brains make connections between ideas that they otherwise wouldn’t, improving the chances that they will retain information for longer periods, and understand that information better.


Esport at the Community Fair

Attention gamers!


Do you think you have the skills to beat our School Esport Teams? Come along to Room B2 at the Community Fair to engage in Esport battles against members of our Esport League, playing Overwatch, League of Legends and Rocket League.


Esport runs from 12:00 Noon - 2:30 pm so don’t miss out on your opportunity to test your skills.


Matthew Hughes

Head of Learning & Innovation

St Luke's Community Fair



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