Learning & Innovation Update

Feb 8th 2019

Free Tutorials

At St Luke’s we are pleased to be able to offer numerous opportunities for tutorial assistance each week. Every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:15 pm to 4:30 pm at least two experienced teachers offer tutorials in the Learning Hub, covering Mathematics, Science, English and Humanities. Additionally, on Monday and Wednesday an academic tutor is available in the Learning Hub until 4:45 pm to assist students with homework. All Learning Hub sessions can be accessed by students in Years 4 to 12.


In addition, St Luke’s also offers a number of weekly lunchtime tutorials covering a diverse range of subjects, each delivered by an experienced teacher. For the full schedule of weekly tutorials please access the tutorial page on the School’s website. Tutorial Sessions


Many students access tutorials as the need arises and there is no need to sign up, even if students are attending regularly. However, for interested parents it is possible to sign students up for regular sessions and be notified if they do not attend. For more information about this and to fill out the sign up form please follow the link above.


Academic Advisors and Flexible Learning Sessions

In order to support senior students in the crucial senior phase of learning, St Luke’s recently commenced the academic advisor program for Year 11 students and provided both Year 11 and 12 students with access to flexible learning sessions. Under the academic advisor program, each Year 11 student will participate in a fortnightly one-on-one session with an experienced teacher who will help look out for their academic welfare. In Term 1 the program covers goal setting and study skills, and ask each student to review the choices they made as part of the SET Plan process they commenced last year. The academic advisor program is offered in addition to the School’s Pastoral Care program, increasing the level of individual care offered to students.


Year 11 students also now have access to four flexible learning sessions per fortnight while Year 12 students have access to two. In these sessions students are able to tailor the activities they undertake to help them along the pathway they have chosen. Last Friday students were issued with their flexible learning session timetables based on the preferences they submitted.


Assessment Calendar

St Luke’s Anglican School is committed to assisting students to be organised. For Year 7 - 12 students the assessment calendar is integrated into each student’s Canvas calendar. The Canvas calendar is the single point of truth when it comes to assessment due dates and key class events. Parents are able to view their children’s Canvas account by logging in to the Parent Portal at our.stlukes.qld.edu.au


Assessment dates are currently in draft, subject to approval by the Heads of Middle and Senior Schools. During Week 3 teachers will enter approved dates into Canvas, so that by the end of the week all assessment due dates for Semester 1 will be available to both students and parents.


Hughes, MatthewMr Matthew Hughes
Head of Learning & Innovation
St Luke's Anglican School






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