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Aug 2nd 2019

Learning to Study Effectively

I have been talking to a lot of students recently about their approach to study and I have found that quite a few students are aware of how to study effectively. Over the course of the next few newsletters I will cover the top six approaches for effective study, according to the Learning Scientists, a group of cognitive scientists who focus on the science of learning. The first two, and the two most effective approaches, are spaced study and retrieval practice.


Spaced study - is an approach where students deliberately return to a concept or topic regularly, in small doses, rather than have irregular, large study sessions (otherwise known as cramming). It is a scientific fact that students who engage in, for example, six 30 minute study sessions will be more successful on an exam and recall information for a longer time after the exam than students who attempt to study for three hours just before the exam.


Retrieval practice - is an approach where students put away all examples, notes and textbooks and write or sketch everything they know about a concept or topic. Similarly, when completing a revision sheet or practice test, retrieval practice dictates that students complete the paper as if it were an exam, without support from texts, friends, tutors or parents. It makes sense, if you are practicing for an exam you need to do so under exam conditions. Importantly, students who use retrieval practice must ensure they go back to their texts, notes and examples afterwards to check for accuracy.



Semester 2 School Tutorial Timetable Released

At St Luke’s Anglican School we are pleased to be able to offer numerous opportunities for tutorial assistance each week. Every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:15 pm to 4:30 pm at least two experienced Middle/Senior School teachers offer tutorials in the Learning Hub, covering Mathematics, Science, English and Humanities. Primary School staff also offer Primary specific tutorials and homework help until 3:45 pm every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


Additionally, on Monday and Wednesday an academic tutor is available in the Learning Hub until 4:45 pm to assist students with homework.


St Luke’s also offers a number of weekly lunchtime tutorials for Middle and Senior students covering a diverse range of subjects, each delivered by an experienced teacher. For the full schedule of weekly tutorials please access the tutorial page on the School’s website. Tutorial Sessions



Assessment Calendar

St Luke’s is committed to assisting students to be organised. For Year 7 - 12 students the Assessment Calendar is integrated into each student’s Canvas calendar. The Canvas calendar is the single point of truth when it comes to assessment due dates and key class events. Parents are able to view their children’s Canvas account by logging in to the Parent Portal at our.stlukes.qld.edu.au


Assessment dates are currently in draft, subject to approval by the Heads of Middle and Senior Schools. During Week 3 teachers will enter approved dates into Canvas, so that by the end of the week all assessment due dates for Semester 2 will be available to both students and parents.



Matthew Hughes

Head of Learning & Innovation


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