Middle School Update

Oct 18th 2019

It is hard to believe that Term 4 is upon us and, in fact, we are already two weeks into the term. Therefore, that only leaves us with seven more weeks in a term that is notoriously busy. Below, I have listed the more significant of the many Middle School events that will occur this term so that families can plan ahead.

  • Monday 21 October - Student Free Day (P-12)
  • Wednesday 30 October- Foundation Day
  • Friday 1 November - Sports Dinner
  • Thursday 7 November - Awards Evening
  • Monday 2 to Thursday 5 December - Exodus Week (a comprehensive program will go out for this week)
  • Tuesday 3 December - Year 9 Social

Please keep an eye out for communication from the School regarding the specifics of these events.

Mr Ryan Collins

Head of Middle School

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