Middle School Update

Nov 1st 2019

Awards Ceremonies

Congratulations to all of the Middle School students who received recognition at this week’s Cultural Assembly. I continue to be impressed by the standards being set by our Performing Arts students, particularly their commitment to practices and rehearsals. Thank you to all of the staff who continue to share their wealth of talent and experience with our students, and the parents who also do their bit to help nurture and support our amazing students.


Also, I wish our sporting students well for their big evening tonight. The annual

St Luke's Anglican School Sports Dinner is always an enjoyable event which showcases the diversity of talented sports men and women who continue to impress us each year at St Luke’s. Also, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Len Kirchner and his immediate team, and the many staff who contribute to the rich sporting opportunities and achievements at our School.


Finally, our annual Awards Evening will be held on Thursday 7 November at the Moncrieff Theatre. This is a compulsory event for all students in the Middle and Senior Schools. If a student is unable to attend the evening for a valid reason, please have the courtesy of emailing your child’s Pastoral Care teacher clearly explaining the absence. Further information regarding the Awards Evening will be shared soon. Students in the Middle School have already been notified about who will be the recipients of the Academic Excellence or Academic Merit Awards. All students were encouraged to check this information and see the Head of Middle School if they believe there has been an oversight.



Today, the House Coordinators and I accompanied our 2019 and 2020 Middle School Leaders to our annual beach leadership day at Bargara. Once again, our current and future leaders conducted themselves admirably and developed their leadership and teamwork skills along the way. Our 2020 Middle School leaders, and their specific roles, will be officially announced at the Awards Evening on Thursday 7 November.



Earlier this month, five students from the Primary and Middle School participated in the Opti-MINDS Challenge. This is an annual event bringing students from all over Queensland and Western Australia together to share their sustainable and creative ideas.


Following their win in the Regional Competition, the five students, Tamryn Bosch, Nelson Brown, Bharathi Kumar, Fletcher Grabbe and Danielle Robert, travelled down to Brisbane, on Friday 11 October, to represent the Wide Bay in the Division 2 Social Sciences Opti-MINDS final.


On Day 1 of the Opti-MINDS challenge, the students presented how the misuse of plastics is affecting our world drastically (especially our oceans), and how they could stop it. They designed posters and brochures to display at their booth and to show other teams and attendees their idea.


Aimed at promoting sustainable thinking and actions, this ideas forum also gave students the opportunity to see and hear the sustainable ideas of other teams, including recycled t-shirts and solar panels, campaigning to protect bees, and a new App that teaches us how to recycle properly. This ideas forum was followed by a guest speaker, dinner and social event.


On Sunday 13 October, nervousness and excitement were in the air as the Opti-MINDS teams assembled once more to compete in the State Final Challenge. The teams were challenged to decide and explain whether an App designed to help people make wise decisions would have a positive or negative impact on the community. Our team’s response was entertaining and creative, keeping the audience in fits of laughter. The team’s creativity, teamwork and resilience were recognised with the Spirit of Opti-MINDS Award.


The team would like to thank our facilitator, Mrs Stone, for helping us prepare for the competition and organising our transport, accommodation and schedule.


Thanks are also extended to Mr Collins and Miss McHugh who travelled with the team to Brisbane and to the parents who encouraged and supported the students as we prepared for the Regional and State competitions.


A special thanks is extended to Natalie Bush of McLellan Architects who sponsored our team’s travel, food and team t-shirts for the State Competition.


The Opti-MINDS Competition is a real learning experience for anyone in school, as students get to work with new people, share their ideas to the public and talk to kids who also want to make a difference in the world. Students should be encouraged to take part in next year’s Opti-MINDS Challenge, as they will gain great innovative skills, teamwork and have their voices heard.


Stationery Lists for 2020

Click here for the 2020 Stationery Lists. These may also be found on the School App. To download the App, simply search 'St Luke's Anglican School' in your App Store. 


Mr Ryan Collins
Head of Middle School
St Luke's Anglican School




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