Middle School Update

Feb 7th 2020

Welcome Afternoon Tea

All parents of Middle and Senior parents are invited to join the teaching staff for afternoon tea in the Middle School Building on Monday 10 February. This is an excellent opportunity to meet and get to know your child’s teachers at the start of the year. Immediately after, Ms Robyn Deer and I will be holding information evenings for parents of students in Year 7 and Year 11. We look forward to seeing you there.

Middle-Senior Information Session and Afternoon Tea


Assessment Calendars

St Luke’s Anglican School is committed to assisting students to be organised. For Year 7 - 12 students the Assessment Calendar is integrated into each student’s Canvas calendar. The Canvas calendar is the single point of truth when it comes to assessment due dates and key class events. Parents are able to view their children’s Canvas account by logging in to the Parent Portal at our.stlukes.qld.edu.au


Parents and students are advised that by Monday 10 February, assessment dates for Semester 1 will be published in each student’s Canvas Calendar.


Free Tutorials

At St Luke’s we are pleased to be able to offer numerous opportunities for tutorial assistance each week. Every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:15 pm to 4:30 pm at least two experienced teachers offer tutorials in the Learning Hub, covering Mathematics, Science, English and Humanities. Additionally, on Monday and Wednesday an academic tutor is available in the Learning Hub until 4:45 pm to assist students with homework. All Learning Hub sessions can be accessed by students in Years 4 to 12.


In addition, St Luke’s also offers a number of weekly lunchtime tutorials covering a diverse range of subjects, each delivered by an experienced teacher. Please click here for the for the full schedule of weekly tutorials


Many students access tutorials as the need arises and there is no need to sign up, even if students are attending regularly. However, for interested parents it is possible to sign students up for regular sessions. Please contact your child’s Head of School to discuss this.


Learning Hub expectations

Students are welcome to use the Learning Hub before school from 7:30 am, and after school until 4:45 pm (or 4:30 pm on Friday) to study individually or with a group, access homework help and tutorials, read quietly or access the after school activities that are offered from time to time during the year. The Learning Hub is not a place for students to gather to play computer games or watch streaming services. Students engaging in these activities will be warned and redirected. If they continue to engage in these activities they will be asked to put their mobile devices away.


Matthew Hughes
Head of Middle School

Head of School Matthew Hughes


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