Middle School Update

Mar 5th 2020

Swimming Carnival

As communicated to parents on Monday 24 February our Inter-House Swimming Carnival will now be held on Tuesday 10 March. Just some things to keep in mind.

  • Parents are able to drop their child/children off at Norville Swimming Pool, although buses will run from the School, departing at 8:30 am.
  • The Agnes Bus will take students directly to the pool in the morning and collect them at 2:30 pm.
  • Students are to wear their House uniforms, including shoes and socks, but may wear thongs once at the pool.
  • Students are to be sunsmart throughout the day. Hats, sunscreen and water bottles are essential.
  • The canteen will be available during the carnival.
  • No crepe paper, hair dye or glitter is permitted, but coloured zinc is permitted.


For full details and the carnival program, please see the letter emailed to parents on Monday 24 February. The teachers’ relay team is looking forward to smashing the student and parent teams!


South Passage 3 Day Sail

Last week on Assembly I advertised to students the South Passage 3 Day Sail. This sailing experience takes place on a traditional 100 foot gaff-rigged Schooner, so students can learn traditional sailing techniques. No previous sailing experience is necessary, just a willing attitude.


The 3 Day sail takes place Saturday 16 to Monday 18 May and students will explore the Queensland coast and the waterways around Fraser Island.


This experience costs $570, all inclusive. To make the trip possible a minimum of 18 participants are needed. Currently the School requires 7 more students to participate for the trip to go ahead.


Interested parents should contact me directly, by email at matthew-hughes@stlukes.qld.edu.au






Learning Analytics - Continual Report

At the end of Term 1, parents of Middle and Senior School students will receive Interim Reports. These give a brief snapshot of how students are progressing in achievement, effort and behaviour. For parents wanting more detail about their child’s academic progress, the Continual Report in Learning Analytics is an excellent source of information. Accessing the Continual Report not only gives parents a visual summary of how their child is progressing across all subjects (shown below), but they can also drill down on individual subjects.


Learning Analytics


Please note that the Continual Report is only available once academic data has been entered for a student. In most subjects students are currently completing assessment and results will not be available in Learning Analytics until teachers have marked and moderated this assessment.


Accessing Learning Analytics will require parents to use the Parent Portal, available at our.stlukes.qld.edu.au.


Information about the Parent Portal and instructions on how to use it are available on the School website at www.stlukes.qld.edu.au/community/online-portals.




Mr Matthew Hughes

Head of Middle School


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