Middle Update

Apr 3rd 2020

What a term!

As the term draws to a close it is easy, and reasonable, to be anxious about current uncertainty surrounding the immediate future, not only for our School but for Australian society in general. It is indeed a cause for concern and it is likely that we will need to rely on each other more in the coming weeks. From a schooling perspective parents and students have seen the regular updates from Mr Merritt and can take some comfort in knowing that St Luke’s is well prepared for a range of scenarios.


The current situation has, unfortunately, consumed a lot of ‘brain space’ and taken the focus off the excellent start our students made to the year. I have been truly impressed by the academic and non-academic achievements of our students. More importantly, however, I have been amazed at the effort, attitude and conduct of the students. I have deliberately spent a lot of time observing students and talking with them at breaks and am proud to have seen “The St Luke’s Way” in action too many times to describe.


In the last newsletter I shared with the community a reflection on Spike Milligan’s poem “Smile”. I have since been able to share this reflection with quite a few Middle School students at year level assemblies. I have encouraged students to practice spreading positivity through small acts of kindness to those around them, including their friends and family, but also to people they might not consider friends. In the weeks ahead we might not be able to be physically close to others but we can be spiritually close. One of the themes of Easter is renewal and so as we head to the Easter break I challenge each student to renew a friendship and to reach out and connect with others, even if it is just to say “Hi”. 


Sleek Geeks

Do you have a passion for science? Are you an excellent communicator? Perhaps, like Dr Karl, you are an answer looking for a question. Or you may like to ponder the BIG questions like Adam Spencer. Well, this is your chance, and the Universe-(ity) just provided you with time to begin! The University of Sydney Sleek Geeks Science Eureka Prize is open again to Primary and Secondary students around the country. Simply explain a scientific concept relating to the theme of “Water”, via a short video piece. Sound as easy as pi? Well the proof is in the pudding. Create your place in scientific history or at least have fun trying.  Entries close Friday 15 May. 

Dr Karl


Adam Spencer

Matthew Hughes

Head of Middle School

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