Nepal Trip Update

Aug 23rd 2018


What a fortnight!

On the weekend of 11-12 August saw our intrepid travellers head out to Mt Woowoonga for our training camp. We hiked to the summit of Mt Woowoonga on Saturday, coming back to camp for a delicious student cooked curry. The team blended beautifully with our Fraser Coast Anglican School compatriots and the creative use of rocks and a plastic bag to construct a campfire generated an excellent space to share our stories and get to know each other better. The following morning we sorted our kit for Nepal, and then hiked Mt Walsh. Ralph Waldo Emerson summed up the trip beautifully, “Life is a journey, not a destination”, although Mrs Stone was pretty happy to reach the destination!

Last Friday evening saw us cooking up a storm for Rock Pop Mime. Nepalese chicken and rice were the order of the day, and if all else fails, we know the team can whip up some pretty impressive brownies.

Last Saturday and Sunday, we were very happy to be invited by Mrs Joiner, representing Bundaberg West Rotary, to help serve at the Civic Centre Antique Fair’s coffee shop. This was an excellent opportunity for us to give back to our wider community and raise further funds for our trip.

The excitement is building, and the students are really demonstrating “Faith Performance Honour”. The Nepal 2018 team is going to be a fantastic group to travel with.

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Mrs Christa Stone

Differentiated Learning Coordinator

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