Performing Arts

Mar 5th 2020

Junior Music Camp

Last weekend we had another extremely enjoyable and successful Junior Music Camp. The students worked hard and had fun, not only developing their musical skills but also developing the life skills that come with learning and persevering on an instrument. Students develop discipline, resilience, self-regulation, creativity and emotional intelligence, not to mention the complex neurological pathways and networks that are developing in their brains that improve their verbal, visual and auditory memory.

It is an absolute privilege to work with these students and witness first hand their personal and intellectual growth.

Thank you to Mrs Tamara Merritt who helped the students at camp on Friday during rehearsals. Her assistance was greatly appreciated.







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This year the Performing Arts Department are very excited to invite you to join our very own Facebook group. Within this group you will receive reminders and information regarding upcoming concerts, camps and events but also have an insight into what happens in the wonderful world of the PAC.

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Date Claimers

  • Term One Concert: Wednesday 18 March


Miss Sarah Ferguson

Director of Co-curricular (Cultural)


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