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Jun 28th 2019

Groups Music Eisteddfod - Moncrieff Entertainment Centre | Wednesday 31 July and Thursday 1 August

Detailed information will be available at the beginning of next term in regards to this competition. Senior groups will be performing in the twilight sessions and will not miss any academic time.


The following groups will be performing: Beginner Concert Band, Junior Concert Band, Senior Concert Band, Junior Singers, Lacov Elbmesne, Junior Strings, Senior Strings, Pops Orchestra, Senior Orchestra and Stage Band.


Senior Music Day Camp and Choir Workshops

Last weekend our senior music ensembles participated in a three day camp. Both the choral and instrumental sections concluded with a concert showcasing their incredible progress. All groups are currently preparing set pieces for the Aspire International Music Festival which are extending the students in so many positive ways.


This was an excellent experience to conclude the term and also to prepare for our upcoming tour. A huge thank you must go to the teachers, students and parents that made this weekend possible. Special thanks to Kim Hocking for helping with meal preparations.


Junior Singers also participated in a workshop on Friday afternoon working towards pieces they will be performing in the Eisteddfod next term.


Aspire International Music Festival – Gold Coast

Aspire’s Vision – “A world renowned youth music festival, fostering a culture of musical excellence and international connectedness, raising the aspirations of all students who take part.”

During the holidays a team of dedicated students and Instrumental Music teachers from St Luke’s will participate in Aspire. Best wishes to all participating students and staff.


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Date Claimers

Aspire Music Festival: Wednesday 17 to Saturday 20 July

QTC Scene Project: Monday 5 August



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