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Aug 15th 2019

Results from the Bundaberg Groups Eisteddfod

Recently we enjoyed a wonderful couple of days at the Groups Eisteddfod. This was a great way to connect with other schools and share our love of music. Bundaberg is certainly home to a great number of talented musicians - students and teachers.



First Place - Junior Singers

First Place - Lacov Elbmesne (Sacred)

First Place - Lacov Elbmesne

First Place - Senior String Ensemble

First Place - Senior Orchestra

Second Place - Junior String Ensemble

Second Place - Stage Band

Second Place - Senior Concert Band

Highly Commended - Junior Concert Band

Highly Commended - Pops Orchestra


Beginner Concert Band also competed and while not receiving a place, they played exceptionally well after only nine rehearsals together. Well done everybody!

Eisteddfod Awards 2019


Scene Project

On Monday 5 August, the Drama Club participated in Queensland Theatre's annual Scene Project. Throughout the project, students had the opportunity to work with a newly commissioned script, where they developed it into a 15 minute performance. Students presented their performance, and watched other schools from the district present theirs. They were also able to view Queensland Theatre's professional version of the script, and interacted with actors and directors throughout the day.


The students thoroughly enjoyed the experience, as it is a celebration of the Arts and the value of creativity. Drama Club is already looking forward to next year's project!


Mrs Tasha Romeo

Scene Project 2019


Community Playouts

Zonta Centenary Dinner - On the weekend our Chamber Strings Group performed at Zonta’s 100-year celebration. Bundaberg is one of the older Zonta clubs in the district, being almost 30 years old. It was an honor to support the club, whose mission is about empowering women and girls.

Senior Chamber Ensemble Zonta Performance


Relay for Life - Also supporting the community last weekend was the St Luke’s Stage Band who performed as part of the Relay for Life entertainment.


Date Claimers

Music Extension Concert – Tuesday 20 August 6.00 pm

Year 12 Drama Play – Friday 13 and Saturday 14 September

Year 11 Drama Performances – Friday 13 September


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Mrs Leanne Hutchings

Head of Arts Faculty

Director of Co-curricular (Cultural)



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