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Oct 18th 2019

Cultural Celebration Evening, Moncrieff Entertainment Centre

Follow The Music “A Gothic Fairytale”

Thursday 24 October 6.45 pm

You are invited to attend a celebration of Performing Arts. This is a free event, so bring your family, sit back, relax and enjoy the entertainment.

Groups Performing: Senior Concert Band, Senior Strings, Senior Orchestra, Pops Orchestra, Stage Band, Beginner Concert Band, Junior Concert Band, Year 3 Strings, Junior Strings, Chamber Strings, Junior Singers, Senior Choir, Lacov Elbmesne, Selected Drama Club Students and Year 11 Drama Class.

Rehearsals: Moncrieff Entertainment Centre throughout the day. Please check the Parent Portal for detailed information. An email has also been sent.



Queensland Conservatorium’s Australian (AHEP) and State (SHEP Qld) Honours Ensemble Programs

During the September/October school holidays more than 1160 of Australia and Queensland’s finest young secondary school musicians and vocalists participated in the annual Australian Honours and Queensland State Honours Ensemble Programs at the Conservatorium in Brisbane.

Congratulations to Bonny Treloar and Logan Tinney who successfully auditioned into the Australian Honours Program for Voice. Logan was also given a solo in the performances.

Bonny and Logan

Congratulations also to the following music students who participated in the State Honours Ensemble Program: Marianna Konopka, Sophie Ainsworth, Laura Branch.

After four days of rehearsals, students participated in one of six Grand Finale Concerts, which were open to the public.

Date Claimer

Tuesday 29 October: Cultural Assembly


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Mrs Leanne Hutchings

Head of Arts Faculty

Director of Co-curricular (Cultural)


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