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Nov 15th 2019


Milbi Festival, Moncrieff Entertainment Centre

The vocal students have enjoyed a wonderful experience performing in the massed choir for the Milbi Festival. The Bandabara Concert on Friday evening will be spectacular. Congratulations to all students from Year 3 – 12 who have participated in this community celebration.


Reflections on the Year 3 String Program from the Year 3 Students

“My favourite thing in the Year 3 String Program is Mrs Roche and Miss Ferguson teaching us and the concerts. I think the concerts that I have done has improved my confidence. You’re the best!”

“I loved the amazing, lovely teachers and happiness that filled the joyful room! Every time that someone made a mistake, they would help us to get better! This year was the best! Smiles were everywhere! Thanks for teaching me!”

“I love that we learn new songs. I like spending time with teachers and friends. We get to do big performances on stage. We do things step by step.”

“I like playing the violin because it makes me feel happy and joyful because I like exploring the musical world and all of the instruments that I come across in my life. I also like creating my own tunes and my own music on any instrument. I like ‘Baby Shark’ the best.”

“I liked the Year Three Strings because it helped me learn how to read music better.”

“I like playing violin because it takes me to my ‘creative mode’ all the time, even though it kind of hurts my fingers. I enjoyed playing all the songs. They were all different which was the best part. My favourite song was ‘Twisted’.”

“I liked being able to play and learn violin and to be able to play in the Cultural Celebration.”

Year 3 Strings Start of Year (d) (1)


Instrumental Music Program 2020

We are currently recruiting for the 2020 Instrumental Music Program. If your child is in Year 5 or above next year and interested in learning an instrument and you wish to obtain further information, please contact Mrs Neridah Peterson:


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