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Feb 20th 2020

Visiting Musician: Joseph Tawadros

This year St Luke’s Anglican School has entered into a partnership with the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre. As part of this sponsorship deal our students have the opportunity to work with professional musicians throughout the year. This week, Year 9 and 11 students worked with Joseph Tawadros, an Australian Oud player. An Oud is the father of the guitar. It is a unique 11 string fretless guitar. Joseph worked closely with our students demonstrating playing techniques and performance styles. This was a wonderful opportunity to work with an outstanding musician.


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 This is part of our support of Bundaberg Regional Council's Audiotorium music series.

Audiotorium reimagines the traditional and explores the universal language of music. Join us on a journey of sound, through otherworldly waves of middle eastern instrumentals, ethereal guitar duets, sublime amalgamations of women and jazz, and rapturous exotic rhythms.

The series presents eclectic repertoire from all over the globe. The series as a laboratory to draw people inside the performers’ world. It is also designed to draw people into more serious music.

St Luke's Anglican School is proud to support this unique community program, and we are happy to provide such a rich learning opportunity to our students through the partnership.


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  • Junior Music Camp: Friday 28 and Saturday 29 February
  • Term One Concert: Wednesday 18 March
  • Road Kill Cafe Theatre Restaurant: Thursday 26, Friday 27 and Saturday 28 March


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Miss Sarah Ferguson

Director of Co-curricular (Cultural)


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