Performing Arts Update

Mar 19th 2020

The Roadkill Café Theatre Restaurant

There are so many incredible facets of pulling together a production. The beautiful journey of brainstorming themes, discussing context, intent, characters and sets. Once the script has been put together, the auditions and casting follow. There are so many weeks that you piece together little bits of the script, learn songs, choreography, stage directions, entries, exits... the list goes on forever. There is always a week or two when you wonder if it will ever come together.

Then, as the world faces an unprecedented situation we have had to make the extremely challenging decision to postpone the Theatre Restaurant, ‘The Roadkill Cafe’. This was an incredibly tough decision and even though the safety of patrons could be managed, the safety of our students and staff is also paramount on our mind. Thankfully, the incredible hard work and dedication of our awe-inspiring Director, Leanne Hutchings and Stage Manager, Cheryl Ratcliffe will not be wasted. Nor the hard work of the other 10 staff and 40 students. Once the current situation calms and it is safe to resume normal routines and procedures the team will decide on an appropriate change of date. Thank you in advance for your support on this matter.

All ticket holders have now been issued a full refund. 

Theatre Restaurant Rehearsal (1)

Theatre Restaurant Rehearsal (3)

Theatre Restaurant Rehearsal (5)

Theatre Restaurant Rehearsal (6)

Theatre Restaurant Rehearsal (2)

Theatre Restaurant Rehearsal (4)

Instrumental Music Lessons and Ensemble Rehearsals will continue as usual

We have discussed the risk factors involved and this does not break any guidelines provided to us by Health and Government Officials.


Term One Concert has been cancelled

This event involves a significantly large portion of our school community and would exceed the recommended numbers for school events.


Performing Arts Polo Shirts

Shirts have been distributed to students this week.



Beginner Music Concert has been cancelled

Even though the numbers for this event do not exceed the 500 limit, as parents and students are required to be seated in extremely close proximity with each other and in a confined space, we have decided it would be safer for all involved to also cancel this event.



Miss Sarah Ferguson

Director of Co-curricular (Cultural)


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