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Sep 4th 2018


What’s happened since the last time?

What a great time we had down on the farm for the Primary Disco. A great way to say farewell to the last days of Winter. Whats more, P&F raised $1,300 that will help us to fund other school events and facilities. Thank you to everyone who contributed either time or sale items. It was a real team effort this year and everyone pulled together to make it a great success. Particular thanks to the P&F Disco sub-committee, Katherine Panchapakesan, Shannon Ing and Clare McConnel. P&F also contributed $200 to buy gifts for the Father’s Day stall. This raised an amazing $1,000 for the Drought Angels charity, helping our farmers through a difficult time. P&F Executive Committee were asked to review the draft St Luke's Legal and Illegal Drugs Policy. Thank you to Jo Leveritt for giving her legal and HR perspectives on this. 31 August - On the Farm Primary Disco FB HEADER-01


Sport Expo

Sports expo


P&F will be donating $500 to the upcoming Sports Expo in order to provide morning tea and lunch to sports demonstrators. Thank you to Sharon Joiner for organising this.



Wish List Funding

14323Did you ever wonder what happens to the money that the P&F raise? One of our biggest annual spends is to help St Luke’s teacher classroom wishes come true. All teachers have the opportunity to write a Wish List of new materials or equipment that they believe will enhance their students learning and the P&F will fund those that the Executive Committee feel are the most worthy. To give some examples, last year we made a gift of Lego Robotics. This year we have between $8,000 and $10,000 to fund this project and the decision for this year’s Wish List will be made at the next P&F Committee meeting being held on Wednesday 12 September in the Boardroom commencing at 6.30 pm. It would be great to involve as many parents and friends in the decision as possible, so please do come along and have your say! 

Volunteer Sign Up

13802Your P&F needs you! We understand that many members of the School community want to contribute in some way, but we also know that you have busy schedules and can’t commit to regular events or for long chunks of time. For this reason, we’ve created an online P&F events calendar on which you can sign up for one or more events, at times to suit. Please complete this form if you would like to assist with an event.

Coming up next

P&F meeting, 6.30 pm in the Boardroom, Wednesday 12 September.


Mrs Ilaria Stuart

President of P&F 

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