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Nov 16th 2018

What’s happened since the last time?

It may only have been two weeks since the last newsletter but its been a significant two weeks for me. On Wednesday I chaired my last meeting as P&F president. The year has flown by and it seems only yesterday that I accepted the position of President of this very important community committee. In December I’ll be stepping down in time for a move to Brisbane where the children will continue their Anglican education at Cannon Hill Anglican College. Its been a great year for me personally and I’ve been so lucky to be supported by such a hard working and enthusiastic committee. Thank you to all who have helped, not only to push through the changes, but also to keep the events and functions going. And its not just the committee members. Thank you to all parent volunteers who show up and work the stalls, cook the food, bring in gifts and cakes to sell. Your contribution ensures that we have such great events and really helps to make this a true community.


ELC Christmas concert

It’s the last big event of the year and P&F will be there, serving sizzling sausages and cold drinks to the children, parents and friends of the St Luke’s community. As usual, we need your help. If anyone can volunteer on the day, please call 0432439858.


Second hand uniform shop

I know I mentioned this a lot already, but the Second Hand Uniform shop is St Luke’s hidden gem. Where else can you get that bargain spare hat or sports shirt, and we all know how important those can be! Our opening hours are Mondays and Fridays, 8.00 am to 9.00 am. If you do need to make an appointment outside of normal opening hours, please call 0432439858.


Coming up next

ELC Christmas concert 29 November in the MPC.

Primary Christmas concert 30 November in the MPC.


Mrs Ilaria Stuart


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