Senior Update

Nov 29th 2019

End of Semester Reports

The Heads of School are in the process of reading the end of Semester Reports. These reports will be uploaded to Parent Lounge on Tuesday 10 December. I encourage parents to read this report with your child. It is a good starting point for a discussion about setting short and long term educational goals for the future. If parents have any concerns or queries regarding comments or results on their child’s report or subjects for 2020, please feel free to contact my assistant, Mrs Sarah Lawson, on 4132 7523 the week of 20 January 2020, to arrange an appointment with me.



Thank You and Merry Christmas

I would like to thank the students, staff and parents for their cooperation and support over this year. I wish all members of the School community a safe, holy and happy Christmas holiday. I look forward to seeing everyone in the new school year.


Ms Robyn Deer

Head of Senior




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