Senior Update

Mar 19th 2020

2020 Next Step Survey

The Queensland Government is conducting its annual statewide survey of all students who completed Year 12 in 2019. The Next Step survey is a brief, confidential survey that gains a comprehensive picture of the employment, study and life choices made by Queensland school completers in the year after they finish Year 12.

Between March and June, all our students who completed Year 12 last year can expect to receive instructions to complete a web-based survey or a telephone call from the Queensland Government Statistician’s Office. Please encourage your child to take part. If their contact details have changed, please assist the interviewer with their updated details or forward the survey to their new address so they can participate.

Thank you for your support of the Next Step survey in 2020.

Further information on Next Step is available online at or on toll free telephone 1800 068 587.



Stymie Presentation

On Monday we had Michael Jeh from Stymie present to our students regarding the use of Stymie and cybersafety. Much of the bullying reported across Australia has occured online and parents need to be aware of what they can do to support their child.


As a parent what should you do if your son or daughter tells you they are being bullied? It is important to get your child to identify the bullying behaviour and ask them:

  • What has been happening?
  • Who has been involved?
  • Where have the incidents occurred?
  • Has anyone else witnessed the bullying behaviour?


Discuss with your child some immediate strategies. Make a plan to deal with the behaviour. Encourage them to:

  • Talk with a trusted teacher.
  • Walk away.
  • Use strategies such as humour to diffuse the situation.
  • Firmly say “No”.


Become familiar with the School’s Anti-bullying policy. This is available on the School’s website.

Contact the School to check that your child has spoken to someone about the problem and arrange a meeting to find out what strategies have been put in place to address the situation.


Some additional resources which may be of benefit are listed below.

Alannah and Madeline Foundation: a national charity protecting children from violence and its devastating effects.


Bullying. No way!: an online resource providing information for parents/carers, students and educators.

KidsMatter: a school based framework that aims to improve the mental health and wellbeing of children.

ReachOut: an online resource that assists young people by providing information to improve understanding of the issues that relate to mental health and wellbeing. ReachOut also has information on how young people can get the best help from services, as well as opportunities to connect with other young people.

National Centre Against Bullying: a peak body working to advise and inform the Australian community on the issue of childhood bullying and the creation of safe schools and communities, including the issue of cyber safety.


Practicing Peacemaking

The focus of the Archbishop's message for 2020 is “Practicing Peacemaking”. Some thoughts which may be helpful at this time come from the Girl Shaped Flames group.


  1. Temper negative THOUGHTS with the knowledge that this too shall pass, and what we learn from it will make us more resilient, smarter and more prepared for next time. Take each day one at a time.
  2. Temper rising EMOTIONS through productive and calm communication - with friends, family and colleagues - try to avoid the rabbit hole of despair and instead talk through the good we're seeing take place in the world, and if you need some ideas, read this "10 Good News Stories You Need Right Now"
  3. And speaking of support, that brings us to ACTION. There's a lot of advice going around online about what to do and not do, so what we can summarise is:
  • Keep yourself and others around you healthy by following good hygiene practices.
  • Keep an eye out for those who are struggling to cope in this fast-changing and unpredictable landscape and think of a project or activity you can do together to redirect your energy.
  • Support each other in practical ways - shop locally, see if any neighbours need help, make each other laugh and smile.


Year 10 Eco Challenge Camp - Confirmed new dates Monday 10 to Friday 14 August 2020

I would like to confirm the Year 10 Eco Challenge Camp with Total Adventures has been rescheduled to Monday 10 to Friday 14 August 2020 (Term 3, Week 5). The program will remain the same and the acceptances on Parent Lounge will stand as per the original tour. As the camp date approaches, we will send another email asking parents if there are any updates we should be aware of. Please could I ask you to put this new date into your calendars.



Ms Robyn Deer

Head of Senior School


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