Apr 24th 2019



What happens when two of our Year 12 girls, 22 Queenslanders and 50 young men and women from the great slum of Nairobi, Kibera, come together for three extraordinary days?


Well this was precisely the experience of 2018 Year 12 students, Marnie Murry and Zoe Sobczak during last December’s school holidays with Bernie Kelly’s Kilimanjaro Kalling’ Programme. The events that unfolded were truly life enhancing. Not only did Marnie and Zoe visit the ‘shanty’ homes and meet the families of Kibera, they spent every minute of these three days learning of a slum culture that can only be described as loving, flooded in friendship and bounded by the strongest sense of community.


But the highlight was joining their Kenyan peers as ‘choir’, where remarkably students from the other side of the planet united to inspire a remake of the 1985 classic ‘We are the World’. What they produced in a Nairobi recording studio on Dec 6, 2018 is truly stunning. Enjoy !


By the way, Marnie and Zoe also climbed Kilimanjaro - the world’s highest free-standing mountain on Bernie’s programme as well. Congratulations Marnie and Zoe on your courage to embrace such a mission and your desire to add value to those less fortunate, although as you both have indicated, what you received may well have been more, then what was given !





Good news is that Bernie Kelly returned to St Luke’s this week to invite all of our Year 10, 11 and 12 students to ‘Kilimanjaro Kalling’ for 2019.

We are sure the interest will be high. As Bernie is only in town for one night next week, his Information Hour will be held Wednesday, 1 May 2019 at 6.30pm in the old C1 or Ligari Classroom of Shalom College.


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