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Jun 5th 2018


Winter Stock

Winter stock has arrived so stock up before the cold weather hits.

Plastic Bag Ban for Retailers

The plastic shopping bag ban will apply to all retailers in Queensland for in-store and online sales from 1 July 2018, this includes the Uniform shop and Second hand Uniform Shop.

Under the ban, retailers are no longer allowed to supply shoppers with single-use lightweight plastic shopping bags under 35 microns, for free or at a charge. This includes compostable, degradable and biodegradable plastic shopping bags.

Senior Jersey

We still have a number of Senior jerseys that have not been collected. If you ordered a jersey they are ready for you to pay and collect.

Wearing of School Backpack

Please follow these steps to keep your spine happy. These tips are supplied by Spartan School Supply Specialist.

When fitted correctly your Backpack will sit above your hips, be close to your spineand the weight distribution should be 80% hips/20% shoulders.

1. Ensure all zips are closed.

2. Wear both shoulder straps at all times.

3. Adjust the load compression straps tight every time.

4. Connect your sternum straps for a long walk.

5. Don’t allow the pack to fall below hip level.

6. Use your waist strap to keep the pack against your spine.

7. Always pack heaviest items against your spine.

8. Never carry more than 10% of your body weight.

Please take the time to read the posters in the Uniform shop regarding the wearing of backpacks.

Online Ordering and Cashless Purchases

Ordering uniforms online is also available . Orders can be placed via Flexischools

In addition Year 7 to 12 students can use their ID card to purchase in store.

Term Time Opening Days

Term time opening days are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Open 7.45am - 11am and 2.30pm - 3.30pm

Closed - Wednesday and Friday

Please check ‘here’ for more information about the school shop.

Karen Orreal

Shop Supervisor 

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