Visual Art Update

Mar 19th 2020

Year 7 Art

The year 7 Art class have been working hard on their ‘Material World: Seed Investigation’ folio. We have developed a body of experimental works inclusive of; drypoint etching, watercolour painting, both realism and abstract drawings and clay sculpture.





Year 8 Art

Year 8 Art has been developing a series of two-dimensional works with regards to their unit 'Pieces of Me'. This encompasses the following mediums; Photorealism grid technique, hard edge colour pencil detail, text, continuous line with tinted impasto gel and collage. We have just embarked on our clay self-portrait which will be painted with acrylic paint and varnished. Exciting times!





Year 9 Art

We are currently building a folio of experimental works in Year 9 Art. These two images showcase our emoji kaleidoscope hard edge painting task. The students are now embarking on their chosen A3 resolved piece. This task asks the students to reflect on the techniques and skills learned in the first half of the term, and then choose one of these to extend. An artist appraisal of this resolved piece will complete our first Year 9 Unit for 2020.




Year 10 Art

This semester in Year 10 Art, the students are working alongside artist, Paul Perry to create a large scale mosaic for The Milbi Magic Project at Archies Beach, Bargara. On 11 March the class spent the day in a workshop held in D1 classroom, continuing the artistic process that is mosaics. The students made a small mosaic turtle and began marking out and cutting tiles for their design. The design being used in the resolved mosaic wall piece was created by Kalana Fraser, Isabella Gill, Jessica Hickey, Ella Jenkins and Ava Ryan. The day long mosaic workshop was the beginning of the build process for the class - exciting times ahead.





11 Media Arts in Practice

With Module 1 focusing on Promotional Design, Year 11 Media Arts in Practice has been working in collaboration with the Drama, Music and Hospitality departments to create work for the up and coming production, ‘The Roadkill Café’. We are very proud to be a part of such an exciting SLAS event as the theatre restaurant. Our creations for the production include coasters, stickers and signage, which are pictured below. Next week we collate our first Project folio of resources for ‘The Roadkill Café’ to produce a website.




Chalk Wall Mafia 2020 - Revamp of the Middle School Chalk Wall

A small group of Middle School students and new Art teacher, Mrs Amy Fallon are working on revamping the Middle School chalk wall. This is a process that the Art department, along with a select few middle school students will undergo every three years. This year's design is focused around journeys. It will incorporate some phrases from the first Japanese author to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature, Yasunari Kawabata. Kawabata's short story 'The Grasshopper and the Bell Cricket' uses symbolism to discuss the importance of making friendships, throughout life's journey, which are rare and special. The new chalk wall design also features a large round abstract resin work, as a potential destination. Leading lines with little creatures journeying along these will draw the viewers into the work.

The students and Art teacher, Mrs Amy Fallon, will be working on this every 2 weeks commencing on Friday 13 March. The unveiling of the completed work will occur at our up and coming Arts Feast.


ChalkWallMafiaPHASE1 13.3 (2)


ChalkWallMafiaPHASE1 13.3 (3)


Mrs Amy Fallon

Teacher - Visual Art & Media Arts in Practice


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