Community Fair / Art Feast / School Plays / Enrolment Events


Throughout each year, St Luke's Anglican School hosts a variety of minor, major and enrolment-drive events (COVID-19 permitting). They include St Luke's annual Community Fair and Art Feast, and also a range of minor events and enrolment events.

Minor Events

The Crucible

Welcome to St Luke's Anglican School's Out of the Box Theatre's, The Crucible.

The Crucible, traditionally known for its depiction of the Salem Witch Trials, particularly shows how stoic, proud men can be waylaid by manipulative and sly young women.

In 2022, in the age of equality, #MeToo and the frustrations around the powerful untouchables, we no longer subscribe to this version of the story. In fact, we think it's quite the opposite.

Looking from the perspective that the hero, John Proctor is, in truth, a grown man who took advantage of a young woman, this play highlights a road to revolution, which in turn topples the traditionally patriarchal society.

Through the use of physical theatre styles, including viewpoints, the script has been stripped back to focus on the key moments of our story. And that's just what it's become - our story. Not Abigail's, or Elizabeth's, or even Proctor's, because this story; this revolution; could belong to any of us. 

Major Events

Upcoming Events:

  • Community Fair - Saturday, August 6. Details to be released closer to the event.  
  • Ladies Afternoon Tea - Saturday, October 8. Details to be released closer to the event.  

Enrolment Events

Throughout the school year, St Luke's hosts a range of enrolment events, including 'Come & Try', 'Come & Play' days for the Early Learning Centre and Primary School, Taster Days for Middle and Senior School, and Information Days for Agnes Water. 

For current enrolment events, please visit the Enrolment Events page by clicking here.