St Luke's Way Newsletter - 25.11.22

Welcome to the final St Luke's Way Newsletter for Term 4. Following, you'll find newsletter articles from St Luke's Principal, Craig Merritt, as well as all main areas of the School, and learning and development. Please open your newsletter article of choice by clicking from the options below.

From the Principal
A Message from Principal, Craig Merritt

Last week saw the conclusion of the Year 12 graduation activities. I wish to pass on my congratulations to our Year 12 students for their leadership and commitment throughout the year. They are a fine group of young women and men and it has been a pleasure working with them. We wish them the best in their future endeavours. Thank you to our staff who have worked with them throughout their St Luke’s journey and to their parents for their support throughout this time. 

This week will see the conclusion of the year for our Year 11 and 10 students. All other year levels will conclude on Thursday, 1 December. 

School Chaplain

With the retirement of Fr. Iain Furby at the beginning of the year, the School has spent considerable time reviewing the role of the Chaplain and the direction of how to best integrate faith within our curriculum and co-curricular program across the school. As an outcome of these deliberations, the school has purposefully developed the Chaplaincy Program. 

The Chaplaincy program is the mechanism for the deliberate promotion of the Anglican ethos and sense of Christian spirituality amongst the school community. It is a responsibility for all staff yet we have a specific team focussed on the Chaplaincy program. I am pleased to announce that Mr. Matthew Cathcart has accepted the position of Director of Community and Service for 2023, working closely with Mrs. Griffin our Youth Minister, leading the Chaplaincy Team. Mr. Carthcart and Mrs. Griffin will work closely with Reverend Erika Williams, Priest-in-Charge of Good Shepherd parish promoting our Anglican ethos.

I wish to acknowledge and thank the Venerable Fr. Keith Dean-Jones, Archdeacon for Burnett and Rector of the parish of Bundaberg, who has been a great friend and supporter of St Luke’s. Fr. Keith retires at the end of the year and our heartfelt thanks and best wishes for the future. 

Staff News

Mrs. Nicole Strohfeldt has been appointed to the position of Primary Music Teacher.  Mrs. Strohfeldt currently works with us as an Instrumental Music Tutor.

Mr. Anthony McLucas has been appointed to the position of Director of Property Services.  Mr. McLucas is a qualified builder and brings with him over 20 years experience in a variety of projects that he has completed. 

Mrs. Lindsay Honor has been appointed to the position of Business Manager starting 1 January 2023, Lindsay is currently in the role as Acting Business Manager. 

Mrs. Whitney Pitt has been appointed to the position of Primary Teacher starting 1 January 2023.  Mrs Pitt is an experienced Primary teacher currently working at Amaroo School in Canberra.

Mrs. Sue Carty has been appointed to the position of Deputy Head of Middle School from January 2023.   

Miss. Natasha Johnson has been appointed to the position of Differentiated Learning Coordinator - Middle/Senior School from January 2023.

Mrs. Stacey Koktas has been appointed to the position of Primary Teacher for 2023.  Stacey is currently one of our Year 1 teachers.

Mrs. Angela Van Rooyen has been appointed to the position of Differentiated Learning Coordinator - Primary School from January 2023.  Angela is an experienced teacher and is currently a teacher at St John's Lutheran School.

Miss. Alexandra Anderson has been appointed to the position of Primary Teacher for 2023. Alexandra completed her Bachelor of Education (Primary) this year and completed some Prac work in Year 6.

Ms. Toni Spence has been appointed to the position of Teaching Assistant in the Primary School.  Toni is currently a casual staff member.

Mrs. Dena O'Donnell has been appointed to the position of Teaching Assistant in the Primary School.  Dena currently works 2 days as a Teaching Assistant in Year 4.

Ms. Kali Rush has been appointed to the position of Teaching Assistant in the Primary School.

Mrs. Amanda Roche has informed me she is resigning from her role as instrumental music teacher at St Luke’s effective the end of the year. Mrs. Roche will be taking on an exciting new direction for 2023 and we wish her all the best. Mrs. Roche will be missed at St Lukes, and always remembered for her outstanding contributions to developing the high quality Performing Arts program St Luke’s is renowned for. 

Thank You

I must admit to feeling quite emotional as this is my last article for the newsletter. For me, to be Principal of St Luke’s for the last 6 years has been both a privilege and a blessing. I have enjoyed immense satisfaction working with the staff, students and our families on a day to day basis. I hope that my actions in some small way have helped build on the dreams of our foundation staff and families of 30 years ago. 

The school is in excellent shape to embrace the next chapter of its history. I am certain the strong sense of community and excellence in education our school is renowned for will continue into the future. 

I’d like to conclude by referencing Green Day, that popular East Coast American rock band popular in the 90s and 2000s, and I apologise for badly quoting one of their iconic songs but it is apt for me;

Well, this journey It's certainly been unpredictable

But in the end, it's right

I certainly have had the time of my life. 

St Luke’s will always hold a special place in my heart and that of my family. God’s blessings on you and your family and best wishes for a safe and relaxing Christmas. 

Kind regards

Craig Merritt


From the Early Learning Centre
A Message from Director of Early Learning Centre, Catherine Donaldson


Our Pre-Prep rooms have been a hive of activity with friends throughout the week. It first started with a surprise letter from Santa and the arrival of one of Santa’s mischievous little helpers which children lovingly named ‘Elfie Tinsel Shelfie’. Then our weekly music and movement lesson with Mrs Jones had friends in fits of giggles as they sang and moved their bodies to Hop Little Frog. Later, it was harvesting time in the veggie garden as many hands pitched in to pick cucumber, kale, snowpeas, tomato and basil.

Leisure and Sunshine

This week saw our Kindy children relish in the joys of outdoor play. Much delight came from whipping up tasty treats for friends (and teachers) in the sand and water kitchen. On the grass, construction was taking place with houses, forts and even beds being built with foam bricks and waffle blocks. Friends engrossed themselves in imaginative play on the boat as they set sail on a ‘risky’ pirate adventure and set up a cafe in the home corner. 

Busy Bees

Junior friends have been actively engaged in a number of fun experiences this week. In small groups, they explored cause and effect with pipes and waterwheels during waterplay, expressed their creativity and imagination whilst making individual Christmas crafts, and participated in making scrumptious gingerbread men and houses.

Happy Memories

As the school year nears its end, it is with many happy memories that we would like to say thank you to all our ELC families. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your child’s learning journey. It has been a wonderfully rewarding experience to watch your child learn and grow day by day. We all wish our Pre-Preppies all the best in the next part of their learning journey.

Preppies at St Luke’s 2023

It is with great excitement that I can announce our new uniform fittings for 2023. The Uniform Shop will be open for fittings from Monday to Thursday next week (28 November - 1 December) from 7:45am to 3:30pm.

 Stationery Lists for 2023 at St Luke’s

Your stationery list for next year is located here:

Warmest regards,

Mrs Catherine Donaldson

Director of Early Learning Centre

From the Primary School
A Message from Head of Primary, Tonia Lassman

Parents, as this will be our last Newsletter for the year, I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year. Thank you for your continued support across the year.

We have had many volunteers assist us across the year for which I thank you for your support. I would like to especially thank all of our Parent Representatives for 2022 for their diligence in placing reminder posts on FaceBook and welcoming new families to our community. If anyone is interested in being a year level Parent Representative for 2023, please email me your interest and I will send you the letter outlining your role.

Parents, you will receive an email informing you of your child/ren’s class placement for 2023 in the first week of the holiday.

Semester 2 Reports will be posted onto Parent Lounge for your access also in the first week of the holidays. 

Please join me in congratulating our Teachers and Staff on what has been an outstanding year. I thank each and every one of them for their professionalism and passionate approach to the education of your children.

First day of School for 2023 is on Monday, 23 January 2023.  Please feel free to join us for a Welcome Back Cuppa outside the Turtle Cafe from 8.30am.

Class Teachers for 2023

Our teachers for 2023 are:

Prep A Mrs Cathie Robinson

Prep B Mrs Jade Wendt

Prep C Mrs Whitney Pitt

1A Mrs Vickie Jacobsen

1B Mrs Stacey Koktas

2A Mrs Belinda Corpe

2B Ms Candice Learmonth

3A Mrs Christa Stone

3B Mrs Holly Gatley

3C Ms Donna Hughes

4A Mr Chris Bigg

4B Mrs Hayley Russo

5A Mrs Michelle Hills

5B Mrs Christina Mattiazzi

5C Ms Yasmin Deem

6A Mrs Kellie Hansen

6B Mrs Kathryn Taylor

6C Mr Matthew Farthing

Organisation for 2023

With the Lohse Centre redevelopment taking place in 2023, we will need to have some altered arrangements for our 2023 Year 5 and 6 cohorts.

Their classrooms will be located in C Block and L Block - these classrooms are located near the MPC and Uniform shop. Their drop off and pick up zone will be in front of the School Chapel, with entry from the eastern Meilene end of St Luke’s Drive.

Year 5 and 6 will have their own area between the 2 blocks; however, they will eat their morning tea and lunch at the under cover area on the oval with the oval for their break time play.

If students arrive before 8:00am they can be dropped off at the Lower Primary Drop Stop & Go and then they will continue to wait patiently as has been done in the past, at the Primary Sails. They can deliver their bags to their classrooms once the 8:00am bell has gone.

We look forward to the redevelopment works taking place next year for our new space to be ready hopefully for the start of 2024. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

 If you have any questions, please feel free to drop into the Primary Office to chat.

Battle of the Schools

Congratulations to our SLAS Team: Katelyn Taylor, Zain Abid and Elieahn Bradshaw on representing the school so well on the weekend and coming away as the champions of Battle of the Schools. Congratulations to the other 20 schools who competed, especially Avoca State School, who were worthy adversaries throughout the battles. 

A huge shout out to Hitz93.9, Sugarland Plaza, Queensland Computers and CQU for their support and the humbling prizes offered.

From Katelyn, Zain and Elieahn: "After two months and multiple battles played, we were delighted to be crowned the champion team of ‘Battle of the Schools’ for 2022. We have learned the value of teamwork and perseverance to work as a team and acknowledge the intelligence of our fellow schools.

We would like to thank all the major sponsors of this extraordinary event and the one and only Hitz93.9 for getting the students to get out of their comfort zones and participating in this wonderful opportunity. Thank you to Sugarland Plaza,  Luke Sinclair from CQU, Corey Pitt (the best Quizmaster to roam the land) and QLD Computers for the phenomenal prizes handed to the top four teams. Also, thank you very much to Mrs Taylor for her brain training!"



It is with great excitement that I can announce our new uniform fittings for 2023. The Uniform Shop will be open for fittings from Monday to Thursday next week (28 November - 1 December) from 7:45am to 3:30pm.

Outback Tour Feedback

A lovely message from Camden Park Station as part of the Year 6 Outback Tour earlier this year: "On behalf of Camden Park Station, Longreach are wanting to send a big thank you back to St Luke’s Year 6 students and Teachers for their very special box of goodies! They have been reading through all of the cards made by the students and are very overwhelmed. Please pass on a big thank you to all involved! They had a great time with our school visit this year!"

They wish us all the very best for the end of school year Christmas and then all the transition for this Year 6 cohort going into Year 7! Words can’t express how beautifully the box has impacted them!

Kind regards,

Tonia Lassman

Head of Primary School

From the Middle School
A Message from Head of Middle School, MATTHEW HUGHES

Dear Middle School Parents and Caregivers, 

The St Luke's Middle School newsletter is recorded as a video by myself and Head of Senior School, Mrs Robyn Deer, and then uploaded to YouTube. For this fortnight's newsletter content please visit the following YouTube link.

Alternatively, you may wish to jump ahead to specific topics within the same video. If so, please go to the following category links.

Kind regards,

Matthew Hughes

Head of Middle School

From the Senior School
A Message from Head of Senior School, Robyn Deer

Welcome to the Senior School newsletter for this fortnight. Head of Middle School, Mr Matthew Hughes and I have recorded a video update and uploaded it to YouTube for your convenience. To watch this fortnight's newsletter content for Middle and Senior School, please visit the following YouTube link.

Alternatively, you may wish to jump ahead to specific topics within the same video. If so, please go to the following category links.

Kind regards,

Robyn Deer

Head of Senior School

From Sport
A Message from the Director of Co-curricular (Sport), Len Kirchner

Sporting Representatives

Congratulations to our 2022 Sports Representatives. Please click here for the full list.

Len Kirchner

Director of Co-curricular (Sport)

From Performing Arts
A Message from the Director of Co-curricular (Culture), Sarah Ferguson

There is no update this fortnight from the Director of Co-Curricular (Culture).

Sarah Ferguson

Director of Co-curricular (Culture)

From Student Careers
A Message from Director of Academic Welfare & Careers, Kane Kersnovske

There is no update this fortnight from the Director of Academic Welfare and Careers.

Mr Kane Kersnovske

Director of Academic Welfare and Careers

From ICT
A Message From Director of ICT, Shane Hannant

As a companion to the updated school mobile app that was released earlier this year, the St Luke’s Anglican School IT team has also been working on a new Parent Portal to easily access applications, and provide quick links to information useful to our school community.

We were going to launch it for the start of next year but it was completed earlier so let’s go live now!! From 9am, Tuesday 29 November you will use the new portal page.

The link to access the new Parent Portal is 

Feel free to have a sneak peek before the cutover from the old portal on Monday. Any existing links will also redirect to the new portal, so no need to change them. 

The new Parent Portal will use the same login gateway and credentials as the school app and the old Parent Portal. Those being your personal email address as the username and the password you have previously set. If you need to reset your password, you can use the self-service password reset function available via this link.

As before, the Parent Portal utilises single sign-on where this one set of credentials also securely authenticates the web applications Parent Lounge, Learning Analytics and Canvas. One major change in this area is that we have removed the necessity for a school-created Google ( account to be linked to a personal email address for the single sign-on process to work. This will remove any problems that could sometimes occur for parents with a personal Google ( account.

If you are having problems logging in, please feel free to email or phone (07) 4132 7522 between 8:00am and 4:30pm.

Shane Hannant

Director of ICT

From Turtle Café
A Message from Turtle Café Convenor, Serena Curnock

Hello Parents, Caregivers and Students of St Luke's.

Visit our all new webpage where you can find everything you need to know about Turtle Café, including this term's downloadable Turtle Café and ELC menus, and our FlexiSchools ordering system. It's all located by clicking right here.

Yours in Nutrition,

Serena Curnock

Turtle Café Convenor

From Uniform Shop
A Message from the Supervisor of Uniform Shop, Karen Orreal

The Uniform Shop will be closed on Monday, 5 December 2022

December trading hours are listed below. 

Preparatory fittings

This Friday, 25 November 9.30am to 3.30pm

Monday, 28 November to Thursday, 1 December 7.45am to 3.30pm

Tuesday, 6 December to Friday, 9 December 7.45am to 2.45pm

Book your appointment online or phone 4132 7535 to make an appointment.

Year 9 students fittings for next year

A large percentage of Year 9 boys have not been fitted for their Senior uniform for 2023.  The dates above are available for you to make a booking online. Please note, most of our stock has a four month lead time so we may not have all the stock available that you want in January. 

Online Ordering will recommence on 25 January 2023

Ms Karen Orreal

Shop Supervisor

From the Learning Hub
A Message from the Learning Hub

There is no update this fortnight from the Learning Hub.

Ms Sarah Simpson

Learning Hub Manager

Business Matters
A Message from St Luke's Anglican School

2023 Schedule of Fees

The Schedule of Fees for 2023 are available on the website (at the bottom of the Enrolments page) for your reference.

Notice of Enrolment Termination

The Notes to the Schedule of Fees lists the following requirements for withdrawal of enrolment:

If the student is to leave the School the parent agrees to give at least one term’s written notice to the School. This notice should be received:

  • not later than the first day of term at the end of which it is intended that the student should leave, or
  • if it is intended that the student should leave during a term, not later than the first day of the immediately preceding term.
  • If the parent intends to cancel or (with the School’s agreement) postpone or otherwise vary the student’s enrolment, the parent will give notice to that effect to the School no later than the first day of the term immediately preceding the date of entry.
  • If the parent fails to comply with either of the above paragraphs, the parent will pay or forfeit (as the case may be) to the School one term’s fees and charges in lieu of notice unless the Business Manager, in his/her sole discretion, agrees to remit payment of those fees wholly or partially.

Office Closure Student Free Day - 2 December 2022

Please note that the School Main and Primary offices will be closed from 11.30am on Friday, 2 December 2022.  The Early Learning Centre will be open as normal for vacation care.

The main office will reopen on Monday, 5 December until Friday, 9 December from 8.00am to 4.30pm and then close for the Christmas break.  

The office will reopen at 8.00am on Tuesday, 3 January 2023.

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