St Luke's Way Newsletter - 16.09.22

Welcome to the final St Luke's Way Newsletter for Term 3. Following, you'll find newsletter articles from St Luke's Principal, Craig Merritt, as well as all main areas of the School, and learning and development. Please open your newsletter article of choice by clicking from the options below.

From the Principal
A Message from Acting Principal, Matthew Hughes

Commemorating the life of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Visitors to the School will notice our flags flying at half mast, which they will do for the duration of the mourning period for our late Queen. Those with even a casual interest in history will be aware that the Anglican Church is inextricably linked to the British Monarchy. As a mission of the Anglican Church it is very appropriate for St Luke's to observe the passing of the Queen and have a voice in commemorating her life. It was heartening to see so many students, from Prep through to Year 12, representing the School at the service offered at Christchurch on Wednesday.

On Tuesday I spoke with the Middle and Senior students regarding Australia’s place in the Commonwealth, and our nation’s decision to remain a Commonwealth Realm in the era after the Second World War when the British Empire was being deliberately dismantled. It was shortly after this time that Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne. Prior to that, on her 21st Birthday, the then Princess Elizabeth gave a speech which was featured in the service on Wednesday. As part of that speech, she said,  

“I declare before you all that my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong.”

Queen Elizabeth II, indeed, was a faithful and dedicated servant to the Commonwealth and the Anglican Church throughout her reign. In speaking with the Middle and Senior School students I also acknowledged the issue of the anti-colonial movement, and pointed out that while the late Queen was not a coloniser, but rather did much to heal the wounds experienced by Nations and Peoples who were exploited by the British Empire, she was seen, by some, as the figurehead of the institution responsible for the colonisation period. I offered no requirement for our students to take either side, instead, in the St Luke’s tradition, I encouraged them to read widely and employ critical thinking when considering this issue.

Queen Elizabeth II will always be remembered as a major World leader, and as a dedicated public servant who cared greatly for the people of the Commonwealth, and of the World. 

Staff news

I wish to inform St Luke's community that our Business Manager, David Reed, has made the decision to leave St Luke's so he can pursue other endeavours. We acknowledge the contribution and service given by David and sincerely thank him for his expertise and efforts over many years. St Luke's is in great shape and David's leadership in the finance and business operations areas of the school is a significant contributing factor. His contributions to St Luke's are well recognised and acknowledged. We wish David all the very best in his new endeavours.

Additionally, at the end of the year St Luke’s will farewell a widely admired and long-serving staff member, as Mrs Debbie Higgins has advised her plans to retire after many years of faithful service to the School community. Debbie has been a staff member for 20 years, and volunteered at the School prior to her employment. Current students and Old Saints will remember Mrs Higgins’ tireless work in the Sports Department. On behalf of the School Community, I wish to thank Debbie for her outstanding contribution to our St Luke's community and wish her well in her retirement.

God bless,

Matthew Hughes 

Acting Principal

From the Early Learning Centre
A Message from Director of Early Learning Centre, Catherine Donaldson

Children’s Choice

Kindy children have been engaged in extending their own learning through spontaneous play experiences. As a follow on from their interest, friends have been sharing group games of ‘hide n seek’, building zoob constructions, excavating dinosaur fossils, role playing ‘the wheels on the bus’ and whipping up delicious treats in the sand kitchen. Children were given the opportunity to create salt dough eggs to ‘hatch’ baby dinosaurs. Using measuring cups, they collected the required ingredients and manipulated the dough with their hands to achieve the right consistency, then carefully molded the dough around the baby dinosaurs.

Warning! Cuteness overload

This week our Pre-Preppies were very excited to learn that parent, Mrs Sussens, had brought her miniature goat kids to school to visit us! Children observed the goat kids feeding on their milk bottles and were able to get up close and gently pat their soft fur. As our Pre-Prep’s are very inquisitive by nature, they had a hundred and one questions to ask, ranging from, how to care for them, where do they sleep, how big will they grow, what age they are …..and the list goes on!

Now I know my ABC’s…

In Junior this week as a group focus, children have been learning letter sounds and learning to recognise and identify the first letter of their names. Friends explored early literacy experiences with sensory shaving cream, magnetic letters, letter stamping and easel paintings. Another big interest of our Junior friends has been imaginative role play with Dress ups. Through role play children are developing emotional and social skills, language and communication skills and problem solving abilities. 

Vacation Care 

Please note, ELC Junior, Kindy and Pre-Prep children are only enrolled during school terms. Bookings for Vacation Care are now closed. If you require your child to be added to the waitlist for Vacation Care over the upcoming school holidays, Monday 19 - Friday 29 September, please contact the ELC at

Warmest Regards,

Catherine Donaldson

Director Early Learning Centre

From the Primary School
A Message from Head of Primary, Tonia Lassman

It has been another fabulously busy term. Where have the ten weeks gone? We would like to wish our St Luke’s parents and students a wonderful holiday and look forward to seeing them back refreshed and ready for term 4 on Tuesday 4 October.

Traffic Suggestion

Of an afternoon, the School is very well aware of the difficulties being experienced at Pick-up time. Besides asking parents to leave pickup a bit later than 3:00 pm for our older students, could I ask that parents who arrive and wait on the road to move through Stop, Drop & Go from the railway entry end, make use of the shoulder of the road so that you are waiting to the side. This way, cars should be able to make their way past to proceed to other points of the school. The School is looking at longer term solutions to this parking problem and in the meantime, I encourage our families to drive safely and look out for one another.  

Thank you and congratulations to ALL students who got involved with Jump Rope for Heart in 2022!!!

I would like to take one last opportunity to convey my heartfelt and sincere thanks to all of our students and the wider St Luke’s community for the giant effort skipping and fundraising for the Jump Rope for Heart program in 2022. The program was again a huge success, and all of our students had a wonderful time jumping, skipping and laughing through the term. 

I am unsure of our fundraising total, but know that we are incredibly close to our goal of $15,000! I will communicate the final totals early in Term 4. All monies raised go towards vital heart research and different programs run by the Heart Foundation. 

The prizes and certificates that our student’s earned during the program have been ordered, and I expect delivery in mid Term 4. Thank you again for your support of this program, and I would love to see it so heavily supported again in 2023. 

Kindest Regards,

Hayley Russo

Year 6 Outback Tour Wrap-Up

Last week, Year 6 students and teachers embarked on a 6 day safari through outback Queensland. Along the way, they visited the Miner’s Heritage Walk-in Mines in Rubyvale; the Qantas museum, Stockman’s Hall of Fame, the Royal Mail Gallop and Camden Park Station in Longreach; The Age of Dinosaurs and Waltzing Matilda Centre in Winton; and the Desert Dreaming Centre and Tree of Knowledge in Barcaldine. There were many first-time experiences and memories made for our Year 6 cohort. 

Student Reflections:

I really enjoyed my first St Luke’s camp; although I was anxious at the start, it turned out to be a very enjoyable and memorable experience. We attended numerous activities like fossicking for sapphires, watching a light show displayed on a plane, and having a taste of life on a farm. My personal favourite was when we rode in a cart pulled by a horse, just like people in the outback would have done 100 years ago! School camp was overall a very entertaining experience and a great way to bond with friends and branch out to meet new people. I absolutely loved it and would definitely do it again!

Ellie Whiting

The bus rides at camp were really long but worth it. The teachers even let us watch movies and put on music! My favourite part was probably the farming experience we had at Camden Park Station. And my least favorite was probably the flies everywhere (good thing we made those fly swatters).

Thannu Kumar

The recent Year 6 Outback Tour or Year 6 Camp was absolutely fantastic. As soon as we got there I was having an amazing time. We did everything imaginable; from sorting through gemstones to watching light shows on airplanes to experiencing what life was like in the 1800s. Everything we did was fun and a very worthwhile experience. 

Archie Adams

I was very excited but very worried about the Year 6 Outback Tour. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Even though the flies were extremely annoying we all managed to survive with or without fly net. One of the best museums we went to was the Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame. We got to go on a little treasure hunt where we got clues to find a mystery item to add onto our survival pack virtually. It was much more fun than having too walk around with our class showing us the items. Everything there was really fun but I enjoyed the gem fields most of all. 

Nora Elnasharty  

Year 3 Excursion to CBD & Mon Repos

How long has that building been there? What was it used for? And is there any actual water up that water tower?

Year 3 embarked on their annual trek up around the Bundaberg CBD and other Bundaberg landmarks last Tuesday as part of their HASS studies. Quite often we rush past these buildings in our busy lives, but our students took the time to see these landmarks in a different light and discuss the history behind them. Town stops included Christ Church, Buss Park, the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre, the old National Australia Bank, Rowers Club, and East Water Tower. 

We are fortunate that our community joins us to make our trip even more spectacular. Mr John Gatley happily obliges our annual request for him to share his Water Tower knowledge, and Mr Brian Courtice welcomes us to his farm home to share his passion for the history of South Sea Islanders. Sometimes we score a key to the water tower or get a Mon Repos rock wall talk; this year Mrs Fossey invited us to the second floor of the Post Office for something completely different.

After a long but enjoyable day, the students returned to School to consider which information will end up in their animated Scratch digital presentations. Hopefully in the September break, they can share their knowledge if you are uptown with them!

St Luke’s Netball Teams

Over the past two terms, our Primary netballers have been training for the Bundaberg Primary Schools Netball Competition and the Netball Queensland Origin Energy Primary Cup. The Bundaberg Primary Schools Netball Competition was held over three Thursday afternoons at the Bundaberg Netball Association and saw both our Bluebirds and Chameleons play a total of 10 games each and perform very well. This year boys were able to participate within our teams and they have definitely added an extra dimension to our teams. Congratulations to all players!

On Saturday and Sunday, 24th and 25th September, our Bluebirds will take on schools from all over Queensland as the best teams travel to Bundaberg for the annual Netball Queensland Origin Energy Primary Cup. Close to 60 teams will be vying for top honours and we wish our St Luke’s Bluebirds all the best!

Mrs Kellie Hansen

Coordinator of Netball

Wide Bay All Schools Touch Competition

We would like to wish our Year 5 & 6 students who are competing in the Wide Bay All Schools Touch Competition on Friday, all the best. Play with the St Luke’s spirit but most importantly have fun.

Year 2 & 3 Excursion to Moncrieff

Our Year 2 & 3 students are heading off today to the Moncrieff Theatre to watch the Earth’s Prehistoric World show. Enjoy the experience.

Our Primary staff wish all of you a safe and enjoyable break with family and friends.

Kind regards,

Tonia Lassman

Head of Primary School

From the Middle School
A Message from Acting Head of Middle School, Suzanne Carty

Dear Middle School Parents and Caregivers, 

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Kind regards,

Suzanne Carty

Acting Head of Middle School

From the Senior School
A Message from Head of Senior School, Robyn Deer

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Robyn Deer

Head of Senior School

From Sport
A Message from the Director of Co-curricular (Sport), Len Kirchner

Sporting Representatives

Congratulations to our 2022 Sports Representatives. Please click here for the full list.

Len Kirchner

Director of Co-curricular (Sport)

From Performing Arts
A Message from the Director of Co-curricular (Culture), Sarah Ferguson

Term 3 - The Boulder

Every year I joyously bound into Term 3 forgetting that it is like a boulder rolling down the hill that just keeps picking up speed as the term goes on. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an enjoyable ride but definitely a big one. 

This term was no different. We started with Senior Music Camp at the Sunshine Coast. It was an amazing way to start off the term. This was soon followed by the Bundaberg Music Eisteddfod which continued to highlight the incredible staff and students that we have at St Luke’s. As our Year 12 students hurriedly completed their final internal assessment we turned our attention to the Cultural Celebration Evening. I’m sure you can all agree that this evening was a spectacular display of the camaraderie, friendship, and excellence that is developed throughout the year in the Performing Arts Department. 

This celebration then signified a turning of the tides as our Year 4 students transitioned from Beginner Concert Band to Junior Concert Band, and our Year 7 instrumental students transitioned from Junior to Senior ensembles. But with this exciting movement, a bittersweet change is in the air. This means there are only a few more weeks until our Year 12 students leave our community to pursue their dreams. As sad as we are to lose them, we are equally as excited for the bright futures that they have ahead of them. Now I won’t get too soppy yet, but I am going to take this moment to reflect on the incredible mentors that our Year 12 students have been and thank them for making the Cultural Celebration a truly memorable one. 

Term Four 

With every end there is always a beginning. Term Four brings with it the final round of Year 4 SLASFactor, Year 3 Strings Concert and last but not least, recruitment. The recruitment process is one of my favourite parts of the year. Recruitment signifies the beginning of a new era of students that will forge their own path in Performing Arts. After getting to know our incredible Year 3 students this year, I know it is going to be a beautiful new group of musicians. 

Date Claimers

Tuesday 18 October - Cultural Assembly

Wednesday 26 October - Year 3 String Concert

Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23 November - Piano Concerts

Sarah Ferguson

Director of Co-curricular (Culture)

From Student Careers
A Message from Director of Academic Welfare & Careers, Kane Kersnovske

There is no update this fortnight from the Director of Academic Welfare and Careers.

Mr Kane Kersnovske

Director of Academic Welfare and Careers

From Turtle Café
A Message from Turtle Café Convenor, Serena Curnock

Hello Parents, Caregivers and Students of St Luke's.

Visit our all new webpage where you can find everything you need to know about Turtle Café, including this term's downloadable Turtle Café and ELC menus, and our FlexiSchools ordering system. It's all located by clicking right here.

Yours in Nutrition,

Serena Curnock

Turtle Café Convenor

From Uniform Shop
A Message from the Supervisor of Uniform Shop, Karen Orreal

2023 Uniform Fittings for students going into Year 4, Year 7 and Year 10

Thank you to all the Parents and Guardians who have had their children fitted for their new uniforms for next year. Your orders have now been placed with the manufacturers.

Students going into Preparatory in 2023 will have their fittings in Term 4.

Senior Blazers 

There are many blazers that were ordered and have not yet been collected. You can pay in person at the uniform shop or you may pay over the phone and your child can then collect their blazer. 

Lost Property

There is a large number of lost property items in the lost property shed adjoining the uniform shop. Please ask your children to check through it if they have lost anything.

Online Ordering

Online ordering is available from the school shop.  Orders can be placed via Flexischools. In addition Year 7 to 12 students can use their student ID card to purchase items in store.

Ms Karen Orreal

Shop Supervisor

From the Learning Hub
A Message from the Learning Hub

There is no update this fortnight from the Learning Hub.

Ms Sarah Simpson

Learning Hub Manager

Ladies' Afternoon Tea


The annual St Luke's Ladies Afternoon Tea, presented by Warners Fine Jewellery, will be held on Saturday, 8 October to raise money for the Breast and Prostate Cancer Association of Queensland.

  • Date/Time: Saturday, 8 October, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
  • Location: St Luke's Anglican School's Multi-purpose Centre

At this gala event, tables of ten are self-coordinated, decorated and catered for by attendees themselves, all for the enjoyment of a fabulous Springtime afternoon tea with great company, live music, beautiful fashion, raffles and prizes.

Highlights of the day include:

  • Guest Speaker, Liz Lush, from the Pelvic Pain Foundation
  • Lucky Door Prize
  • Raffles with over 60 prizes to be won, including 5 nights accommodation at Airlie Beach worth $3,200
  • Fashion Show presented by Sanshelles Boutique and Vovo Modelle
  • Entertainment by St Luke's String Quartet
  • Photobooth Area
  • Cocktail Tasting Bar by Kalki Moon

Bookings are limited with only a few tables left, so get in quick to secure your table.

Tables are sold in tickets of 10 and are available to purchase here

If you would like to join us for the afternoon, but do not want to book a table of 10, there are some seats available on other tables. Please contact reception on (07) 4132 7555.

Thank you to our sponsors:

Business Matters
A Message from St Luke's Anglican School

Notice of Enrolment Termination

The Notes to the Schedule of Fees lists the following requirements for withdrawal of enrolment:

If the student is to leave the School the parent agrees to give at least one term’s written notice to the School. This notice should be received:

  • not later than the first day of term at the end of which it is intended that the student should leave, or
  • if it is intended that the student should leave during a term, not later than the first day of the immediately preceding term.
  • If the parent intends to cancel or (with the School’s agreement) postpone or otherwise vary the student’s enrolment, the parent will give notice to that effect to the School no later than the first day of the term immediately preceding the date of entry.
  • If the parent fails to comply with either of the above paragraphs, the parent will pay or forfeit (as the case may be) to the School one term’s fees and charges in lieu of notice unless the Business Manager, in his/her sole discretion, agrees to remit payment of those fees wholly or partially.

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