Mr Robert Rotar T3-20 Brass/Woodwind Timetable

Jul 10th 2020

Timetable for Term 3 - 2020

Mrs Amanda Roche T3-20 String/Percussion Timetable

Jul 10th 2020

Timetable for Term 3 - 2020

Mrs Learne Faint T3-20 Piano Timetable

Jul 10th 2020

Timetable for Term 3 - 2020

Miss Sarah Ferguson T3-20 String Timetable

Jul 10th 2020

Timetable for Term 3 - 2020

Mrs Michelle Newton T3-20 Woodwind/Percussion/Theory Timetable

Jul 10th 2020

Timetable for Term 3 - 2020

Instrumental Music Remote Learning

Apr 3rd 2020

If St Luke’s Anglican School is required to move to an online learning platform our Remote Learning Plan will come into effect. There are two main remote learning methods available during the partial.

Junior Music Camp

Mar 4th 2020

Last weekend we had another extremely enjoyable and successful Junior Music Camp. The students worked hard and had fun, not only developing their musical skills but also developing the life skills.

Performing Arts Dates Semester 2 2020

Feb 1st 2020


Ensemble and Activity Rehearsal Times 2020

Jan 24th 2020


Year 3 Strings 2020

Oct 29th 2019

Welcome to the Year 3 String Program. The School, believing that music is an essential part of a complete education, provides a broad range of musical experiences from Preparatory to Year 12.

Cultural Celebration Evening

Oct 21st 2019

Thursday 24 October 6.45 pm Follow The Music "A Gothic Fairytale"

Year 4 Instrumental Program 2020

Oct 14th 2019

We are looking forward to encouraging your child to be part of the School’s Instrumental Music Program.


Aug 26th 2019

Year 12 Drama Production


Aug 2nd 2019

We have just enjoyed a wonderful couple of days at the Groups Eisteddfod. This was a great way to connect with other schools and share our love of music. Bundaberg is certainly home to a great number.

Aspire International Music Festival

Aug 2nd 2019

At the end of the June holidays our Senior Instrumental Music students participated in Aspire International Music Festival at the Gold Coast. It was an amazing immersion in music with masterclasses,.

Look At Us Now!

Aug 2nd 2019

Beginner Concert Band performed for the first time this week at the Eisteddfod after only 9 short rehearsals together as a band!

First Beginner Concert Band Rehearsal!

May 17th 2019

On Wednesday, our beginner woodwind, brass and percussion students gathered in the Performing Arts Centre to commence their journey playing together as a team. The first thing they learnt was how to.

Combined School Music Fundraiser

May 15th 2019

On Saturday 18 May, St Luke’s Anglican School is combining with Shalom College to present the inaugural Combined Schools Music Fundraiser. The Bundaberg Youth Orchestra will also perform at this.

Congratulations Drama Cast!

May 15th 2019

Behind Closed Doors - 2019 Drama Production

Eisteddfod Small Ensemble Results

May 15th 2019

Senior Brass Ensemble - 2nd place